Background: Clansdwarf

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Created specifically for the Heart of Darkness Campaign. Based on: Complete Book of Dwarfs pg. 52


The Clansdwarf is what most people think of whenever dwarves are mentioned. They are the majority in a dwarf society, its craftsmen and militia. They are skilled in a craft and receive military training from adolescence.

Skill Proficiencies

Perception, Insight

Tool Proficiencies

one type of artisan tool


one set of any medium armor, belt pouch of 5gp, any one set of artisan tools.

Feature: Clan Bonds

Clansdwarfs are very tightly knit groups, often with extended relatives scattered across holds, mines and other dwarven communities. Whenever this character encounters a community of dwarfs, he can invoke his familial bonds and find shelter for himself and his companions at a modest standard. In addition, the clan leader or head of family will provide one boon of knowledge to the character if he seeks it, and is something the dwarf community would reasonably know.

Suggested Characteristics


1. I am dedicated to what I do. I will always see something through to the end. 2. I am a perfectionist. Adequate is no substitute for perfection. 3. I am a pragmatist. Perfection is the enemy of good enough. 4. If it's not dwarven, then it's crap! 5. I like to talk to excruciating detail about my craft. 6. No one really understands my genius!


1. Aspiration. I wish to be the best at my craft compared to any other dwarf 2. Community. I will do anything to defend my clan and my profession 3. Competition. I believe competition brings out the best in people. 4. 5. 6.