Background: Dwarven Crusader

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Created specifically for the Heart of Darkness Campaign.


In the centuries long journey to reconnect your homeland with the lost dwarven lands in the Flanaess, you were one of the dwarves who pushed steadily onward, not content to stay and set up defensible positions or trading posts along the way. You needed to see the journey through, and now that you have, you are determined to help your kinsmen rebuild their former glory.

Skill Proficiencies

History, plus choose 1 from Medicine, Perception, Stealth, or Survival

Tool Proficiencies

Artisan tools (player’s choice) or Herbalism kit


Primordial and Undercommon


Feature: Underdweller

The centuries long delve from your homeland to the Central Flanaess exposed you to many strange sights, creatures and magical emanations. As a result you can see farther in darkness than most dwarves. Your darkvision is 90’ instead of 60’.

Also, you have extensive first-hand knowledge of the particulars of underground travels; environmental, logistical and especially what dwells beneath the surface of Oerth, including many strange creatures and races which are only legends in most of the Central Flanaess, (Drow, Snirfneblin, Illithids, Elementals and even stranger creatures).

Suggested Characteristics


1. You are fascinated by this ‘lost’ area of the Flanaess, and especially how your kinsfolk have evolved without a strong homeland and without the use of arcane magic. 2. Your long trek through the UnderOerth has scarred your psyche. Now you avoid being underground if at all possible. 3. You are sophisticated and urbane (and well groomed), an icon of dwarvendom. 4. Your excellent education shows in your every action. 5. You have a noble bearing and all who know you recognize your inherent fair and honorable nature. 6. You are confused and dismayed by the clannish and overly religious nature of your backwards kin in the Central Flanaess.


1. Enlightenment: You strive to overcome prejudices toward the ‘rude and barbaric’ dwarves of the Central Flanaess just as you strive to enlighten your dwarven kinfolk about the use of Arcane Magic. (Good) 2. Achievement: You will become the best at your chosen craft, whatever it may be. All of your goals are narrowly focused on becoming the best (and being recognized as such). (Chaotic) 3. Tradition: The ancient customs of the dwarven race must be cherished and upheld, for they have made the dwarven race Great. (Lawful) 4. Superiority: The pitiful races of the Central Flanaess are just begging to be exploited and conquered. (Evil) 5. Ascendancy: The time of the Dwarves is upon us! The resurgent Dwarven Nation will begin a new era for Oerth! (Neutral)


1. You have made the perilous journey to the Central Flanaess in search of ancient dwarven artifacts, and if you can recover them you will gain great prestige. 2. You will do whatever is in your power to restore the dwarven people to a position of prestige and power in the Central Flanaess. 3. The Dwarves will help usher in a new age of prosperity for all people through industrial and cultural breakthroughs. 4. You have seen horrors in the journey to the Central Flanaess and you dedicate yourself to ensuring that others will not have to see or endure what you have. 5. I will one day be a Legend among my fellow dwarves. 6. I owe everything to my family and will do everything in my power to increase our prestige and fortunes. 7. Your teachers and trainers always doubted your ability. You will prove them wrong! 8. Your exposure to the cultures of the Central Flanaess has opened your eyes to certain shortcomings in dwarven culture and you will see your people’s customs change for the better!


1. You secretly look down on the dwarves of the Central Flanaess as being hopelessly primitive and low class. 2. You are extremely intolerant of other demi-human races (humans, elves, halflings & gnomes), and view them as barely a step above orcs and goblins. You may or may not be able to mask your intolerance. 3. You believe dwarven culture is the apex culture and would never condescend to use items made by other cultures or trade in anything but dwarven currency. 4. You believe that the only measure of virtue is physical, hard labor. Anyone who doesn’t perform such labor is a worthless parasite. 5. You are touched by Abbathor; your greed is boundless. You will do whatever you can to gain as much as you can, even at the cost of your friends. 6. You are paranoid about revealing any information about the resurgent Dwarven Nation, or where your Dwarven homeland lies, or how you arrived in the Central Flanaess. Pressing you on such issues will lead to a hostile, possibly violent response.