Blackrazor House, Seltaren

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The Guild's staging point for delves into Maure Castle.

Site Overview

This location was purchased by the guild on Flocktime 26, CY 592 as a staging point for delves into Maure Castle. Located in the Whispering Falls District of Seltaren, it is a simple 10 room house with wooden walls and a thatch roof costing about 5000 gp. It was paid for by the profits of the early delves od the castle. It mainly serves as a resting spot, but a few Redshirts can be found lurking around watching over the holding.

The first floor has an impressive looking foyer, an office for private meetings, a small kitchen, and a large meeting room. The second floor consists of 6 bedrooms with comfortable furnishings: a bed, wardrobe, and a small desk.


The house only has three remaining Blackrazors from those originally tasked with serving the guild here in Seltaren:

  • Gilbert Blackerd: Master of the House, A well kept human male who's a bit of a sly talker.
  • Ulfrick Tully: Weaponmaster, A large gruff looking quite human male.
  • Oswald Baker: Scribe, halfling follower of Krovis who can't seems to be under the thumb of Gilbert.


Shortly after purchasing the site, Blackrazor Guild ally and fellow Maure Castle explorer Andulf Truedeath assisted in fortifying the house. He reenforced the outer first floor walls using Walls of Stone. He also cast several permanent spells on the site:

  • Forbiddance - The site is protected from all extra-planar travel, including teleportation spells. It also protects the site from alignments other than lawful good. Anyone with a differing alignment would take damage unless they speak the password: "Rest in Peace".
  • Hallow - the site is a holy place for Mayaheine, provides protection from evil, and gives a bonus to checks to turn undead.
  • Death Ward - cast alongside Hallow, this spell conveys on the site protection from death spells and negative energy.



  • No statblocks are available for this site.

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