Burgell Nackle

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A gnome bard of dubious ethics.


No one really knows where Burgell comes from. Not even Burgell himself. Wandering from town to town, village to village, and hold to hold most of his life, he had eventually taken up with a troupe of bards, minstrels, performers, and perhaps a few ne'er-do-wells. But it was from his youth spent among such company that he learned the ways of the Lute, of storytelling, of singing and the old lore of the Bards. More recently, he has parted company from this troupe, learning all that he could, and no longer an apprentice but a fully accepted member of his order. He has survived so far on his skills, both as a performer and as a pick-pocket, a shyster, and a purveyor of all sorts of (alleged) tonics, elixirs, medicines and potions that may-or-may-not actually work. And yet he still has ethics and standards, will never attempt to take or swindle from those that cannot afford it, and he seeks to confront misery and evil when it appears. He will never admit it, but there are rumors that out in the world there is a child of his, and he only seeks to make the world a better place for his young.