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An early hand sketch of what would become Obsidian Bay CY 580ish


Obsidian Bay is home to the Blackrazor Guild, and thus the center of many of the adventures detailed on the Griff Wiki. Over the course of the years the city has grown more detailed, including different eras of the city. See the specific era for more details.

The city was founded by the Griffins Guild in an attempt to tame the Pomarj. They saw it as their personal mission to bring civilization back to the region after the Hateful Wars forced countless humanoids to overrun the peninsula. Originally the guild called the site Griffins Landing. However the city became a draw for adventurers after the discovery of the Obsidian Maze. The mass influx of people kept calling the settlement Obsidian Bay after the volcanic sands that cover the beaches there. Eventually the name stuck.

Throughout it's history the city would continue to be known for it's numerous adventuring guilds.

City Eras

Creation History

Obsidian Bay is a home-grown city created in the world of Greyhawk. It was created as a successor of sorts to GM NukeHavoc's college campaign at Lock Haven University. The city was located on the Pomarj peninsula, which according to the Living Greyhawk was overrun with various humanoids.

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