Chapter 01: Clash at the Borderlands

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About the Saga


Cast of Characters

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What Has Come Before

The heroes were part of a caravan headed into the borderlands of the Yeomanry, a frontier kingdom made up of free folk who want nothing to do with the wars and schemes of the more civilized kingdoms. Their destination was Kendall Keep -- known in these parts simply as "The Keep" or "The Keep on the Borderlands". It was the lone fortress of Order in this realm of Chaos, and a few dozen hearty folk lived and worked within its walls.

The heroes had joined the caravan simply as an easy way of getting to the keep, but found themselves pressed into service as guards because of regular attacks by goblins, wolfs, and worse.

The caravan left with a dozen warriors under the command of Guard Captain Reginald Dumphrey; weeks later only three remained and the Captain's sword arm had been badly mangled. The good news is that the keep was only two miles away over a broken backcountry road. The bad news was the heroes had just heard the goblins' hunting horns again ... and they are getting closer.

The Saga

Wealsun 1, CY 571

The heroes fought off an attack by a band of goblins, saving the caravan from certain doom. After quickly looting through the corpses of the fallen humanoids for a few coppers, they decided to hunt down the source of the goblin menace.

Grateful for their help but unwilling to stay on the road any longer than he needed to, Captain Reginald decided to press on to Kendall Keep.

Hacking and slashing their way through the underbrush, the heroes discovered the goblins trail lead up a nearby hill. As they rested for the night, they were attacked by a group of stirges. Fortunately they were able to dispatch the flying pets without much difficulty.

Wealsun 2, CY 571

The next morning they continued on reaching the crest of the hill. There they saw a small box canyon with dotted by a number of small cave openings. The goblin tracks led down into the canyon.


Player Characters

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