Chapter 11: Arrival at Devil's Elbow

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What Has Come Before

A meteorite has crashed into Devil's Elbow, an island off of Riddleport. The "star" was brought to earth via the machinations of the drow, who apparently evoked powerful arcane runes to cause the devastating impact. The impact caused a tidal wave that surged into Riddleport, killing dozens and badly damaging several ships. Now factions throughout the city are scrambling to make their way to Devil's Elbow in hopes of excavating the "sky metal" that usually accompanies such strikes. The heroes of the Gold Goblin have signed on with the Cypher Guild expedition.

The Story

The heroes of Riddleport have ventured to Devil’s Elbow, an island off the coast of Varisia and the site of a recent meteorite impact. That “skyfall” was result of foul drow magic that drew an asteroid down from space and smashed it into the planet.

Several expeditions set forth from the city seeking to secure the skymetal that crashed into the Devil’s Elbow. Most met with disaster. The first two groups to reach the island – one backed by a crimelord, the other a dwarven crew with the blessing of the overlord, were slaughtered by bizarre tentacle-maned lion creatures and transformed into equally strange zombies. An expedition sent by the Cypherguild – which the heroes joined – nearly met a similar end. While the heroes investigated the crater on the eastern shore of the island, the mage contingent headed to the abandoned town of Witchlight.

The heroes spent several hours exploring the crater. They found far less skymetal than they expected, but they also discovered a possible reason: there were boot prints through the crater of a size and shape the strongly implied they were left by elves. Or, more likely, dark elves. After the investigation the heroes decided to rest for the night, finding an excellent (if impromptu) lean-to formed by trees blown sideways by the meteor’s impact. That night they were attacked by the lion creatures. Most escaped the fight no worse for wear, but the dwarven rogue Tholyr suffered a particularly nasty bite and later became ill.

Meanwhile at Witchlight the wizards ran into the lion-creatures as well, losing nearly half their number in the attack. Their fallen returned as zombies, and it was only the intervention of the heroes – who had seen the eruption of a pyrotechnic spell from Witchlight’s namesake lighthouse – that saved the survivors.

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  • Bracers of armor +2
  • Ring of Protection +1
  • Minor ring of spell storing
  • Scroll of Sleep (CL2)
  • Scroll of Magic Missile x2 (CL6)
  • Scroll of Alarm (CL6)
  • Scroll of Comprehend Languages (CL6)
  • Scroll of Expeditious Retreat (CL6)
  • Wand of Identify (8 charges) (CL7)


Full XP

Passive XP