Chapter 16: Into the Velusha Uplands

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What Has Come Before

The Adventure

The party decided to sign up with an overland caravan heading north to Brinewall and the Land of the Linnorm Kings. Thoylr bought a war pony for the trip (an aggressive, belligerent pony currently called "Bill"). The expedition head out under clear blue skies on a crisp autumn morning. That afternoon they encountered an ambush by a group of nine goblins who were hiding in a ditch; they made short work of them.

The next day the caravan was set upon by a manticore, which the heroes and a contingent of Clegg's Boys were able to put down. The heroes then decided to explore some nearby ruins, acting on Tholyr's hunch that they might contain the manticore's lair. He was right; within the basement of the ruins they found two pregnant dire lions which immediately attacked the interlopers.

A pitched fight followed in which Korlandril was mauled and then killed by a dire lion. The party ultimately triumphed, killing the beasts and securing a small amount of loot that had been hoarded by the manticore. The decision was made to bury Korlandril amongst the ruins. Preparations for his funeral are now under way.


Active XP

Passive XP


  • Masterwork Half-Plate
  • Mithral heavy shield
  • Javelin of lightning
  • Unguent of timelessness
  • Potion of Levitate (CL3)
  • 130 gp in gold coins