Chapter 19: A Nice Day for a Black Wedding

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What Has Come Before

The Adventure

Skender had asked for the Heart of the Dragon emerald as a bride-price for his proposal to Carlila. As Ken wrote, Skender began considering marriage after talking to the old Varisian crone Naomi with the caravan. Carlila accepted, and we planned the wedding to happen ASAP since we only had two days in town.

Jump to the ceremony: the Gold Goblin was packed with various friends and acquaintences. Clegg gave Carlila away, Priestess Shorafa Pamodae officiated, and Freddie stood as Best Man. Just as the ceremony was concluding, Shorafa revealed the demonic pact made by Carlila's mother, how to break it, and offered her uniquely suited short sword for the task, while stating that she herself could not intervene.

Jump to the combat: a succubus and four quasits are summoned by the nuptuals, Cutheric gets dominated and is commanded to protect the succubus. Skender swings in on his whip to attack her in the air, Phil and Jorm begin dealing with the quasits, and Emeryon casts fly on Skender. Carlila casts prayer for the group assist. Skender trades some shots but gets grappled. Phil charms a quasit and casts mad monkeys on the succubus and Skender. Cutheric jumps on a table near the flying succubus holding Skender and drunkenly swings at the monkeys and chops them to a paste. The succubus dimension doors to near Carlila on the other side of the room, the party converges near her after having dispatched or neutralized the quasits while Skender moves in. A few more good shots all around, the succubus gives up and ethereal jaunts away giving up on her pact claim (but not her revenge).

Jump to the party: succubi and monkey swarms are nothing new to Varisian gypsy weddings, more shennanigans ensue. Clegg makes good on a request to have decoys of us head south to Magnimar on a ship while we stealthily sneak out to the north the next morning.

Jump to the horse traders: we are intercepted on the Velashu plain by some horsebreeding tribesman. We traded away the unclaimed masterwork and magical treasure in return for high quality Velashan Warhorses (either light or heavy, with max hp's and are expertly trained).

Jump to the Mierani Forest: Cutheric guides us in on game trails, and we detect a pack of large forest drakes approaching. We have a pitched fight with them, and some elves from Crying Leaf come in at the end for the assist. They escort us to Crying Leaf, though the scouting party leader is resentful of our presence. We meet with the overall leader of Crying Leaf, tell her our story, give her the drow journals, and are offered the chance to accompany an elven war party to the ruins of Celwynvian. They mention some pocket dimension called the Armageddon Echo where the drow escape to, but we don't know exactly what that means yet. The elves have been fighting a secret war with the drow here for probably centuries, and they do everything possible to keep it secret.


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