Chapter 33: Questing for the Tfinnan Library

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About the Saga

Telthanas sends a few reinforcements to aid Burgell's team on their quest for the Librarians. Along the way the combined team learns quite a bit about an old friend.


Cast of Characters

Notable Quotes

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What Has Come Before

A new consortium wishes to create a grand new library in the new city of Obsidian Bay; and they know just where to start. They hire a young Knight of the Book and a few Griffins Guild members who head out overland.

The Saga

Readying 10, CY 516

Catching Up

Rin is hanging around the Griffins Guildhall reading up on reports... something that comes as an extreme shock to Telthanas. As they discuss some of the finer details of the reports it dawns on Telthanas that Rin should probably be on this mission to start a new library in Obsidian Bay. They are discussing how Rin can catch up when Hawkwind walks by... the tracker will certainly be able to close the distance.

They get moving, and a few hours from the city they run into a deflated Beholder. Shortly after they find Burgell, Darogan, and Zaphrym patching up their wounds from the battle. They decide it would be best to head to the nearby town of Waterton, and stay at their companion Finn's Cottage.

Finn is home making some savory pudding, while with his animal companion Odolf sleeps by the fire. He trades the party servings of pudding in exchange for the tale of their recent adventures (which he always finds amusing). He then conveys some recent rumors he's heard:

  • With the defeat of Ol'Triple Threat, other smaller wyvern have been seen more frequently.
  • A large Roc known as "Rumblewing" has also been seen SE of Blue. It's known to be huge and terrible, and can create a thunderous wave that can knock people off their feet.
  • There have also been some sightings of some strange looking trolls.

The party then rests for the night.

Readying 11, CY 516


Early the next morning the party heads out... except for Zap who decides to stay at Finn's to heal a bit more.

With the addition of Hawkwind, the party decides to brave the overland travel and heads due East towards Blue. After a few hours they begin hearing a thunder-like sound in the distance. They sneak closer, and get to the top of a rise. There they witness several dozen men, four ox-pulled carts, three of which have ballista mounted to them. The carts are flying a green flag bearing what looks like a black wyvern. The men are trying to capture a pair of wyvern... one of which they've seemed to pin down while another flies overhead. As they observe the action, they notice that one of the men is more than that. It looks more like a hulking undead man with plates of metal pinned to his flesh. If this is the Wyvern Empire, then that is undoubtedly one of the Ironbound Warriors.

The party debates for a moment, and decides that it would be best if the Empire didn't capture any of these wyvern. Burgell opens up with a few fireballs, while the rest of the party closes in. They make short work of most of the Empire men, and one of the beasts. The other one is able to get away... though it is now scarred with a hatch pattern from a fireball combined with the steel-cabled netting. (The party decides to call it "Checkeredwings")

The last four Empire men and the Ironbound Warrior surrender once their leader sees the paladin. The leader introduces himself as Brother Frorgild, a cleric of Hextor. He demands to be treated as prisoners as per the law and orders the Ironbound Warrior to stand down. Darogan tells Frorgild that the gnome is in charge. At first Frorgild laughs... until it occurs to him that this could be General Kor's companion Burgell. Once it's confirmed Fargill is besides himself. Honored to be in the presence of one that helped the General become the man he was today. The party determines that the last few Empire men are no longer a threat, and that they have a more important mission to conduct. They negotiate that the prisoners can leave, but they would like to keep the Ironbound Warrior. Frorgild denies this request at first... but eventually comes to agree.

After the empire men leave the party discusses what to do with the Ironbound Warrior. While Burgell and Rin want to use it to help complete their mission, Darogan refuses to allow such an evil abomination to exist. He insists that they destroy it. Burgell and Rin eventually concede, and they have the Warrior build a bonfire. Burgell then command it to stand in the pile, while he magically ignites it. The Warrior, afraid of fire, slowly breaks its controlling bonds, but not before taking significant damage. The party easily destroys it.

After everything settles down the party surveys the remains of the empire. Several of the oxen are dead, the party frees the rest. None of the ballista are in working order, and the other supply cart is in bad shape. They take what they can and search the dead. One of the empire men was a ranger. Rin finds a book among his belongings: Hidell's Treatise on Wyvern Capturing. He takes it and begins to read through it. They then set up camp for the night, feasting on ox steaks.

Readying 12, CY 516

Gnolls and Trolls

It's an un-eventful night. So early the next morning the party resumes their trek towards Blue. As they travel, Hawkwind takes note that a pack of gnolls are following them at a distance. With this knowledge the party slightly picks up their pace... and keeps an eye open for an ambush spot. Unable to find one, they press on to a river crossing. There they are surprised to see a trio of trolls "fishing" at the far side of the river. The party attempts to lead their mounts into the river so they can float downriver from the danger. Unfortunately they draw unwanted attention. The trolls are able to make it to Burgell and Darogan. Burgell hits one with a fireball... and is astonished to see it begin to bubble before it explodes into a giant mess! He tries to hit another, and much to his dismay instead of dying, the troll multiplies! Rin tries to come to his companions aid, while Burgell teleports away. Darogan and Rin are eventually able to escape... and as the party floats down the river they hope that the gnolls end up as the trolls next meal.


  • Burgell Nackle: 2713
  • Darogan Ferventfire: 2713
  • Hawkwind: 2713
  • Rinnadar: 2713


  • An Ironbound control rod
  • Iron trappings left over from the burning of the golem.
  • 'Hidell's Treatise on Wyvern Capturing'