Chapter 34: The Shambling Fog

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About the Saga

The party slowly makes their way overland, and through a swamp, before finally making their way to the Tfinnan Estate.


Cast of Characters

Notable Quotes

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What Has Come Before

A new consortium wishes to create a grand new library in the new city of Obsidian Bay. They hire our heroes, who's first stop is the Tfinnan Estate, where they should find some clues to further artifacts. On their way they run into the Wyvern Empire who is attempting to capture a few of their namesakes. Things take a turn when a familiar pack of gnolls catches up to the party.

The Saga

Readying 12, CY 516

Another Catch-up

Zaphrym wakes up at Finn's Cottage feeling much better. Finn Underbow, Zap, and Odolf decide they may as well catch up with the rest of the party to re-join the fun. They track them to the scene of the wyvern battle, continuing on to the river. They spot the gnoll pack searching for something, and decide to sneak past them. They move downstream a bit and ford the river. The gnolls catch their scent, and howl in excitement. Finn leads them to an island where he can hide them.

The remainder of the party (Burgell, Darogan, Rin, and Hawkwind) hear the gnolls. Hawkwind volunteers to act as a decoy to lead them away, which he does expertly. The rest of the two groups meet up and find the only dry spot around to camp upon.

Readying 13, CY 516

When mounds attack

The night passes uneventful. Morning comes, and with it a thick fog. As the party moves into the swamp their progress slows. After a few hours they run into some shambling mounds. Burgell quickly decides to take to the air by casting FLY on his riding dog Bludo. Unfortunately, the dog doesn't seem to understand what he was just granted. Just then a mound engulfs Finn, who is able to quickly escape. The party starts using fire on the mounds and finds it extremely effective. Rin is then engulfed, but he is also able to escape. Finn decides to call in reinforcements by summoning a bunch of crocodiles. With their help, the party is finally able to defeat the mounds.

They trudge on for a few more hours, and stop to rest for the night. In the middle of their rest, they are attacked by a few mud mephitis. They are easily dispatched, and the party returns to resting.

Readying 14, CY 516


In the morning Darogan summons a moose. The party slowly continues through the fog covered swamp. It's even thicker today. Thankfully, they don't encounter any hostiles. After several hours they finally make their way to dry land. Finn finds a decent resting place. Thankfully, they aren't in a swamp.

Readying 15, CY 516

The Tfinnan Estate

Finally, on the next day, the party makes their way to the Tfinnan Estate. As they scout the area around the estate they spot signs of human sized snake trails. The party decides to watch from a distance to see what could be causing the trails. A grick sneaks up on Rin, but Darogan easily defeats it.

As night falls, the party closes in to the estate. They see a bloated grick heading back to the estate. They ambush it, and find the remains of a hobgoblin inside. They head back to the rocks they were spotting from previously to rest up a bit before they try to enter the estate.


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