Chapter 35: The Grick and the Dead

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About the Saga

The party enters the Tfinnan Estate

The party narrowly defeats a nest of gricks that has taken up residence in the Estate before finally uncovering their prize.


Cast of Characters

Notable Quotes

"That is MY book!" ~Ghost of Hegil Tfinnan

What Has Come Before

A new consortium wishes to create a grand new library in the new city of Obsidian Bay. They hire our heroes, who's first stop is the Tfinnan Estate, where they should find some clues to further artifacts. After run-ins with the Wyvern Empire, a familiar pack of gnolls, and a long trek through the swamp the finally made it to the estate. There they saw signs of inhabitants, and were even attacked by one. So they decided to pause for some rest before searching the estate.

The Saga

Readying 16, CY 516

Ruins of the Estate

Morning comes to the Tfinnan Estate, and the party prepares to investigate. They close in to the ruins of the estate, a building that has begun to crumble from years of neglect. They cautiously enter the structure, peaking around corners and between rocks. Suddenly Rin is ambushed by two gricks. The party is able to dispatch them quickly, but their death wails attract more of their kind. As they continue fighting off the second wave of gricks, a huge alpha-grick bursts through a nearby wall. The party braces against the onslaught as two gricks join the alpha and an additional two attack Odolf. The fight is long and difficult for the party, taxing most of their strength. Darogan even falls for a moment before Finn saves him with some magical healing. In the end, the party is able to defeat all of the gricks.

They decide to lick their wounds for a moment by taking a brief rest in the courtyard. Then they continue their search in the courtyard, where they find the accumulated treasure the gricks drug to their nest.

Systematically the party searches the estate. In the library they discover that most of the books books are now pulp. Three of the books are still in great condition, however all are stuck to the wall. The three books are Berei, Beory, Kyrey. The party discovers that these books are attached to some sort of mechanism. They decide to pull them in order of appearance. With that a secret door opens revealing a set of stairs going down.

The Real Tfinnan Library

The party heads down the stairs and finds a small room filled with bookshelves on three sides. There are mannequins on opposite sides of the room. One of these is adorned with adventuring gear, and one is empty. There is also a table which haphazardly houses maps, artifacts, and a book. Seems as though someone prepared for an expedition... but left a bunch of their stuff behind.

Burgell approaches the table and reaches for the book. When he touches it, a visage appears. "That is MY book!" screams the ghost of Hegil Tfinnan. Burgell and Rin each age 10 years from the wail. Darogan then cries out to his god, Delleb, and turns the spirit. He yells to the party to grab whatever they can quickly as he can only hold it back so long. While the rest of the party uses the time to grab anything of value, Burgell uses the opportunity to convince the ghost to help. He convinces the spirt that the party will recover his remains and bury him in the tomb of his heroic ancestor. He agrees and disappears into his book.

The party then finishes looting the basement. They also find a wine cellar. They take a few of the fine vintages and reseal the rest. They then set up camp and debate on how to get the books back to Obsidian Bay. A portion will fit in Burgell's bag of holding, but they lament not being able to take the remainder of what could be the finest collection of Flan historical books back to the city. Darogan concocts a plan to get a wagon from Blue, which the rest of the demi-human party disagrees with. Darogan seems determined...

To be continued.


  • Burgell: 2,237 xp
  • Darogan: 2,237 xp
  • Finn: 2,237 xp
  • Rinnadar: 2,237 xp


Coins, Gems, and Art Objects

  • 400 cp / 561 sp / 152 gp / 60 pp
  • 8 sardonyx - 50 gp
  • A wool tapestry depicting Flan hunter/gatherers - 250 gp
  • Onyx Ox - 250 gp
  • 2 jade figurines - 250 gp each

Exceptional Goods

  • A white wine from the Tranquil Fish Vineyard in Keoland (100 gp)
  • A red whine from the White Raven Vineyard in Nyrond (200 gp)
  • A rosato from Cliesus Vineyards in Dyvers (100 gp)
  • An large cask filed with hard cider from Strongaxe Orchards in Onwall (200 gp)
  • A large cask of small beer (still good, but worth only 10 gp)


  • Potion of Supreme Healing (magic) <Burgell>
  • Potion of Speed (magic) <Darogan>
  • Pigments in a wooden box - 2 pots (magic) <Rin>
  • Potion of Sleep (magic) <Rin>
  • Figurine of Wonderous Power: Silver Raven (magic) <Darogan>
  • Leather armor +2 <Finn>
  • Gloves of Thieving - These fine black cloth gloves have subtle silver stitching. <Burgell>
  • Avidity (rapier +1) - When holding this blade, you feel like you can take on the entire humanoid invasion yourself ... and still make it home in time for dinner. <Finn>