Chapter 36: The Death of Burgell Nackle

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About the Saga


Cast of Characters

Along for the journey, but not active in this story:

  • Zaphrym (Tom), a Gnome Sorcerer obsessed with magical tomes

Notable Quotes

  • "Fireball? We've got a template for that"

What Has Come Before

Our heroes defeated a large nest of gricks living in the ruins of the Tfinnan Estate, then ventured into a secret basement where they found the expedition notes that Hegil Tfinnan had been putting together to find the final resting place of his ancestor, the Flan hero Telan. They also encountered the doomed ghost of Hegil, who had returned to his secret library after meeting his end in the Drachesngrab Mountains. His only hope of eternal lies in the party finding his body and burying it in Telan's tomb.

The party is now debating their next steps: the demi-humans want to return to Obsidian Bay with the books, gear, and modest treasure they found, while the paladin Darogan wants to venture into Blue to secure a wagon to transport their finds ... and possibly undertake a side mission of his own.

The Saga

Readying 16, CY 516

The heroes with drew to the rocks outside of the Tfinnan Estate to rest for the evening and set a series of watches:

  • 1st: Finn
  • 2nd: Burgell, Rinndar
  • 3rd: Darogan, Rinndar

On the second watch Burgell and Rinndar hear the sound of distant thunder to the south, despite clear night skies. They guess it is likely the roc Rumblewing; fortunately the rest of the night passes uneventfully.

Readying 17, CY 516

Over breakfast the heroes discuss their next moves. Darogan convinces the others to head to Blue to check on his mentor and master, Gremorly. Knowing that Blue can be hostile (or at least unwelcoming) to demihumans, they decided to disguise themselves as a sellsword (Darogan) and two goblins (Finn, Burgell) escorting an elven prisoner (Rinnadar) to Blue.

They used a pot of magical pigment to "draw" a cart, which then became real. The myriad supplies and treasure -- including bottles of wine, kegs of week beer, and barrels of strong cidar -- were loaded in.

Rinndar hooked up his riding horse to the car, and the group headed toward Blue.

On the way their they came across a number of goblin corpses, clearly killed in some sort of fight. They continued on, joining the Great Southern Road as it headed into the city.

They run into a band of orcs who are suspicious of Rinndar, their "prisoner". They orcs surround the heroes, then demand they turn over the "captured" elf.

The blatant attempt at intimidation fails. Darogan, the paladin of the Book, attacks the lead ork, but misses. Burgell, sensing things are about to get much, much worse, dimension doors 120 ft. down the road.

It is a decision he will come to regret.

Rinnard summons his greatsword and lashes out at the orc boss, striking him. A massive melee insues, with Finn running up over the paladin, jumping behind the orc boss, and piercing him with his rapier.

Meanwhile, a number of orcs saw the gnome Burgell reappear down the road ... and decided to do something about it. They charged toward him, quickly surrounding the bard. It only took them a few seconds to kill Burgell, who died bleeding on the road even as his friends broke out of their own engagement in doomed homes of save him.

The heroes continued onward, Burgell's corpse loaded into the back of the wagon. Looking to avoid any additional fights, they quietly and meekly made their way to the River Gate, where they encountered a human guard named Jochedan. They offered him a bribe of four bottles of wine to to allow them to proceed unharrassed. THe guard accepted.

They continued on into town, heading to the Temple of the Five to see if there were any clerics capable of raising Burgel. Formerly a holy site dedicated to a number of significant faiths, the Temple of the Five had fallen on hard times.

Only Sirdan, a drunken cleric of Norebo (Luck, Gambling, Risk, CN, Male), was still present. Fortunately, he was just powerful enough to bring Burgell back, but his god could not simply raise someone. There was no chance, no risk, in doing that. Instead, he could only reincarnate the fallen.

THe heroes shrugged, said "good enough" and traded their alcohol and a large amount of gold for the spell to be cast. They spent the right of the night sleeping in the church as Sirdan prepared the ceremony.

Readying 18, CY 516

In the early morning hours Burgell was reincarnated as a mountain dwarf. Upon awakening in his new form, he disguised himself as a durgar dwarf and headed out into the city to purchase new dwarf-centric clothing.

The next morning, Sirdan setup a meeting between Darogan Ferventfire, Burgell, and Frennie Two-Knives to discuss Gremorly and his captor, Xalbador Mathas. They meet at the Dead Bird Alehouse, where Darogan learns that Xalbador has accumulated some impressive debts due to his extravagant life style as the leader of the Circle of Blue.


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