Chapter 37: Another Day in Blue

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About the Saga


Cast of Characters

Along for the journey, but not active in this story:

Notable Quotes

  • ""We have a problem ... you're not drunk." Sirdan, priest of Norbo
  • "It's the old flaming ghost in a bag trick again"

What Has Come Before

After securing the expedition notes that Hegil Tfinnan had accumulated in order to seek out the Ghostbane Scrolls, our heroes headed toward Blue on Readying 17, CY 516. A chance encounter with an orc warband heading caused the death of the gnome Burgell (as well as the orcs). The heroes hastened on to the city, where a friendly gate guard pointed them toward Sirdan, a drunken priest of Norebo, god of chance. For a pile of gold and a few bottles of wine, Sirdan agreed to reincarnate Burgell, who returned to this world as a dwarf on Readying 18.

Sirdan also agreed to setup a meeting between Darogan and Frennie Two Knives, a fence/informant/know-it-all in the city who could tell him about the fate of the Knight of the Book's master, Gremorly. It is now the evening of Readying 18. Darogan and a few of his allies are about to meet the rogue at the The Dead Bird Alehouse.

The Saga

Readying 18, CY 516

Darogan and Burgill met with Frennie Two Knives and learned the following:

  • Xalbador Mathis of the Circle of Blue was holding Gremorly, Darogan's mentor.
  • Gremorly is being held at manor house in a tower and the tower had three stories
  • There are windows on Gremorly's room, but they are barred and magically protected.
  • The circle is disenchanted with Gremorly's progress in researching possible profitable undertakings.

Darogan explained to Two Knives he needed to know when there is a window of opportunity to pass a message to Gremorly. He also asked for inside knowledge of the operations inside the tower. He paid Freenie a jade figurine (worth 250 gp) and offerd a second worth the same amount after the job is done. Negotiates another 50 sp for walking around cash.

The paladin and Burgell hung out in the Dead Bird Alehouse until the crew of the *Dawnspite* -- a hellish pirate ship -- came in looking for trouble and ale. The *Dawnspite* is captained by Zorron the Thrice Damned, aka the Devil Ray.

Readying 19, CY 516

The next day Darogan and Burgell headed down to the docks and observe the *Dawnspite* in dock. They see that it is operating under rigorously maintained schedules. Darogan maked notes on the ship to report back to the rest of the group..

Burgell and the paladin then bought some waterproofed canvas and other nautical supplies.

While they were out and about, a bunch of cattle broke loose, running through the city with goblins riding n the backs, causing chaos until the goblins were crushed to death by the rides.

After a day about town they returned back to the Temple of Norebo, where Darogan suggested that Sirdan start giving away beer and setting up gaming tables as a way of attracting worshippers. Sirdan, hearing that the gnome Zaphrym is a wild mage, asked if he can help out with promotion. He does so, creating the persona of Zogdan the Handsome Goblin to promote the upcoming game night.

As Zaph created his new persona, the others worked with Sirdan to build a gambling hall. They bought supplies from Sal's Game Emporium and setup the alcohol casks that they'd "donated" to the church for Burgell's resurrection.

"You've got to be drinking while your gambling or not your playing fair." Sirdan said as they setup the gambling hall.

Readying 20, CY 516

The next day Zogdan the Handsome Goblin headed out into the city to promote the opening of the gambling hall at the Temple of Norebo. He quickly finds and hires two aassitants, goblins named Daveros and Busterios. He gives them stick figure signs pointing people to the temple.

That night, Baerdis -- a dwarven cleric -- hears about the shindig as the temple and decides to go there seeing if he can turn his 12 silver into something that can get him out of Blue. He arrives and Sirdan gives him 10 silver pieces and a hard cidar.

"Have you considered changing your god? What has your god given you? Norebo just gave you 10 silver pieces and a hard cidar".

Baerdis went off and did some gambling, winning at cards and axe throwing, then encounters with Darogan. The two strike up a conversation, during which Darogan explains his quest to liberate his mentor Gremorly.

The group of heroes decide to retire from the party, climbing up in the temple's heights to discuss what they've learned.

Catching up, the heroes share what they've learned:

  • There are extensive fortifications and arcane protections at Xalbador's estate
  • Xalbador is a talented abjurationist
  • The wizard is in debt, and needs gold fast to maintain status and position in the Circle.

This discussion led them to realize that they might be able to buy Gremorly's freedom, if only they had enough gold. At that point it hit them that they had an excellent resource for finding lost sites, castles, and tombs that might hold profit: the books from the estate of Hegil Tfinnan.

They decided to consult the books held within their *bag of holding*. As they opened it, they heard crazed whispers from the ghost of Hegil Tfinnan demanding to know if they had discovered the Tomb of Telan ye are at the Tomb.

When Hegil learned that they were not at the Tomb, he flew into a rage. Darogan countered, explaining that the heroes need ot know where the Tomb is. The enraged ghost appeared and said "Tell you where it is? Tell you where it is?!! I will tell you where it is!"

And then he then attempted to possess Rin and succeeded. In control of the elf, he demanded that the heroes go to the Tomb of Telan immediately and proclaimed that he would lead them there.

Darogan responded by casting 'turn undead' driving Hegil from Rin's body and sending him fleeing back into his expedition book within the bag, softly sobbing as he went.

The ghost begged to help and the heroes reluctantly agreed to bring him to the Tomb ... in exchange for his help identifying potential adventure sites. He agrees, revealing a number of potential sites:

The Tomb of the Scorpion Prince: The sole heir to King [Shattados](, the Scorpion Prince ruled the southeastern reaches of the Bright Desert in -700 CY. He fell with the rest of his kingdom when his father attempted to use the Scorpion Crown to achieve absolute dominion over his kingdom … and failed. The monstrous prince attempted to carve out his own empire after his father's fall, but was defeated by an alliance of Flan and Suel tribesmen. They hid him away in a tomb meant to hold him for all time … and with a fortune in treasure that he'd plundered (the superstitious tribesmen wanting nothing to do with it).

The Tomb of the Queen in Silver: The resting place of the so-called "Queen in Silver", an ancient Flan warlock who ruled a small kingdom in the southeastern Pomarj 2000 years ago. The warlock allegedly sacrificed his two sons to a god of death (likely Nerull) in exchange for immortality. He allegedly lurks in his crypt even now. The book claims the wealth of a kingdom was buried with him.

The Fire Giant's Pyre: King Alothor, a notable fire giant king who died 250 years ago, once unified several of the warring fire giant tribes in the Drachensgrabs. When he died fighting a red dragon, his sons — in one last act of respect before falling into fighting amongst themselves — created the Pyre, a sort of tomb nestled in the still-warm depths of the crumbling mountains. The King was buried with his weapons, his loot, and several of his wives (noble giantesses who guard him in the afterlife).

The Aperture of Zalshox: The lair of Zalshox, a beholder cast out from the City of Eyes, is located in the southern hills of the Pomarj. Rumor has it he's bred a small army of hobgoblin servants slavishly loyal to him. The beholder has lived for centuries, and is believed to have taken a sizable amount of treasure out of the Obsidian Maze when he fled it.

Realizing that each of these could be extremly profitable, they decide to send a letter to Xalbador Mathis proposing to raid a tomb and give him the profits in return for the release of Gremorly.

Readying 21, CY 516

The ploy worked. They setup a meeting with Xalbador Mathis for the next day, with Darogan meeting the mage at the Crowned Caravel. Xal demanded to speak first, explaining he is disappointed in the progress of Darogan's mentor Gremorly. He has discovered nothing profitable, and what progress he has made points to the possibility of opening a portal to a demiplane of the undead. Opening a portal to that unleashes undead horrors and unending night is most definitely not profitable.

He explained that he would be willing to part with Gremorly for the princely sum of 25,000 gold pieces. Darogan agreed to the price and promised to send a silver raven to Xalbador when the time was right.


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