Chapter 39: The Crypt of the Queen in Silver, Part 2

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About the Saga


Cast of Characters

Along for the journey, but not active in this story:

  • Burgell Nackle (Damon), once a male gnome bard, now a male dwarf figuring out what it means to be dwarven.
  • Baerdis (Lance), a dwarf cleric of Clangeddin Silverbeard in search of lost memories.
  • Finn Underbow (Jim), a halfling ranger

And introducing:

Notable Quotes

  • None

What Has Come Before

The heroes have entered Crypt of the Queen in Silver looking for a legendary treasure. Their hope is that the hoard will be sufficient to pay off the ransom of the sage Gremorly, master of Darogan. The historian is being held by Xalbadtor Mathis, leader of the Circle of Blue.

During their initial foray they encountered the foul Black Prince, an undead creature with warlock-like powers, as well as several "lich hounds" that nearly slaughtered the party. The heroes defeated the prince and are now preparing to venture deeper into the crypt.

The Saga

Readying 23, CY 516

Old Friend, New Friend

In the aftermath of the fight with the lich hounds, Burgell was beside himself with terror. He fled to the entry chamber, with the rest of the party following.

When they arrived there, they found two new adventurers had entered the tomb: their old friend Hawkwind, last seen luring a band of gnolls off to the north, and Jack Greymane, "cleric for hire", sailor, and an adventurer in his own right.

The Bleeding Bride

Leaving Burgell in the entrance chamber, the reinforced party delved deeper into the dungeon. They returned to the long corridor where they had fought the Black Prince and the lich hounds, turning left instead of right htis time. They encountered a stone sarcophagi.

In it was the corpse of a human woman wearing a wedding dress, her abdomen stained with blood. A translucent version of the woman rose from the corpse, hovering for a moment before her dead eyes filled with tears and she let out a terrible cry.

The heroes immediately began fighting the creature, which Darogan identified as a banshee. Unfortunately, the lich hounds chose that moment to return, attacking the heroes on their other flank. After a stiff fight that saw several of the heroes thrown a mortal terror that rivaled Burgell's, they were victorious.

Sacrifice in the Deep

The heroes ventured further into the crypt, eventually coming to a large chamber where a young man lay upon an altar. A woman in tattered silver rags stood over him, ready to plunge a dagger into his heart while the "Red Prince" -- an undead warlock-like creature similar to the "Black Prince" they'd fought earlier -- chanted encouragement.

Oppopsite the altar was an array of pews, many of them filed with zombified followers. Two more of the lich hounds prowled about, eager for blood.

A massive fight followed, with the heros defeating the Queen in Silver and saving the young man on the altar. He identified himself as Dain Mollann -- the son of Blue merchant lord Deran Mollann -- who'd been hunting big game in the southern hills and was captured.

They explored the remained of the crypt and eventually found the promised treasure chamber. It was, as hoped, filled with an wealth of loot.


Player Characters

Non-player Characters

  • None


Coins & Gems

  • 30 gold bars worth 250 gp each (7,500)
  • 10 platinum bars worth 500 gp each (5,000)
  • 7 golden yellow topaz worth 500 gp each (3,500)

Art objects

  • carved bone harp with decorative inlay worth 750gp
  • soapstone ceremonial dagger with large emerald gemstone pommel worth 750gp
  • onyx war mask worth 750gp

Magic items

  • A silver ring, taken from the Queen in Silver, that is enscribed with the saying "Blessed is Nerull, who consumes all souls" in ancient Flan.

The total value of the treasure is: 18,250 gp.


  • This adventure was adopted from "The Warlock's Crypt" by Marc Radle, one of the adventures in Kobold's Press' Book of Lairs.