Chapter 3: Recipe for Disaster: Roast Boar with Guava and Peach Schnapps

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What Came Before

The Adventure

So, our last adventure was filled with both triumphs and setbacks:

We successfully used a boat during a mission when we picked up a shipment of fancy liqueur, outwitting some other thugs trying to acquire it.

We had a party member kidnapped by wererats (sorry Phil). Apparently when we not so subtly confronted Saul about some accounting discrepancies before the boat job, he got paranoid and had us replaced and attempted to have us whacked when we returned with the liqueur... The pitfight boss Bojask the Hoglover and his boar and some other bouncers were chasing off Samaritha just as we arrived, and she helped us in the fight (she apparently is quite mean spirited when provoked), felling both hog and lover and the rest of the guys.

Tholyr made contact with a creepy elven dude (Kwava) who had been watching us from the shadows for a while... At least he knew where Phil was taken, and by whom. He's investigating those in Riddleport with unexplainable coin and influence, i.e. Saul, as he likely has some sort of unrevealed backer.

Since the whole job with Saul didn't work out, we have a back-up plan, as Clegg has use for us managing the Gold Goblin after we take care of Saul, and he also agreed to have Jheru move the Captain's Tea to his casino in the meantime instead.

So, now we plan the recovery of Phil from the wererats, and then find a way to infiltrate Saul's again to find out what he's doing with all the extra coin that he's hiding away in the basement. Clegg's working on finding out if any old pirate smuggling tunnels run under the place.

-- from the journal of Skender


Active XP

Inactive XP



  • 67 gp
  • 16 sp

Weapons & Armor

  • Masterwork battleaxe
  • Masterwork handaxe
  • 3 throwing axes
  • 2 short swords


  • Potion of Cure Light Wounds
  • +1 chain shirt

(identified by Samaritha)