Chapter 40: Hunting Party

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About the Saga


Cast of Characters

Along for the journey, but not active in this story:

  • Baerdis (Lance), a dwarf cleric of Clangeddin Silverbeard in search of lost memories.
  • Finn Underbow (Jim), a halfling ranger

Notable Quotes

  • "I make medusa jerky." -- Zaphrym

What Has Come Before

Our heroes defeated the Queen in Silver -- a vile undead creature with warlock-like powers -- in her lair. In the process of doing so they rescued Dain Mollann, the son of Blue merchant lord Deran Mollann. The younger Mollan had been hunting big game in the southern hills and was captured by the Queen's undead sons, the Red and Black Princes.

They also found a large fortune in treasure, which they intend to use to pay to Xalbador Mathis, leader of the Circle of Blue, in return for the release of Gremorly, a sage and Darogan Ferventfire's master.

They are now preparing to return to Blue.

The Saga

Readying 23, 516

The Green Eye Devastator

The heroes emerged from the crypt and returned to their wagon laden with loot. There they rejoined their companions, Finn, Burgell, and Baerdis.

They headed back up the road toward Blue the road with the wagon. As they did so they come across a valley. In it were the corpses of several wooly mammoths as well as a dozen hobgoblins hefting a banner with a great green eye on it. Their leader, a hobgoblin in green robes, was examining the bloody remains of one of the wooly mammoths. The beast was clearly felled by some great monster, likely the roc Rumblewing. As he worked a cyclops stood guard, ready to menace any who came close.

The party, casting their mind back to what they'd heard about such strange hobgoblins, realized they served the beholder Zalshox. The even stranger hobgoblin who was wearing robes was known as a "Green Eye Devastator" and was one of the arcane elite who served the aberration.

Rather than fight the hobgoblins, the heroes continued along the curving road that ran near the the valley. The hobgoblins noticed and took up a defensive stance, watching them but not engaging.

The Raging Storm

The heroes continued on and got caught up in yet another a thunderstorm, this time as they were caught against the side of a hill. As the storm raged they try to batten down the hatches and secure the wagon while Hawkwing unhooks the horses.

They saw an great, menacing blue eye ... which Burgell wrongly thought was the beholder. In fact, it belong to great roc Rumblewing. The terrible avian launched itself off the side of the hill, snatched the two horses, and flew away.

The heroes waited for the storm to abate and thankfully the roc did not return. When the storm ended the heroes summoned the paladin's warhorse and awkwardly hitched it to the wagon. They travelled for a few miles before stopping to rest for the day.

Readying 24, 516

The Hunters in Red

The next day they headed into the hills, pushing the wagon to help the horse. As they started climbing a particularly treacherous hill, they heard a guttural screeching.

Hawkwind snuck up over the hill and spied three fire giants in the process of killing a wyvern. Hawkwind observed that the giants appeared to be armed with harpoons -- complete with long coils of rope -- intended to bring down large avian creatures.

Thus informed, the heroes carefully retreated from the scene, leaving the giants to their prey. They continued on to the Tfinnan Estate, where they loaded up their cart and bags of holding with additional books. With that work done, Zaphrim, Darogan, Burgell, and Rinn prepared to head into the city to meet Dain's father, Deran Mollan.

Knowing that the city wasn't friendly to humanoids, the heroes prepared disguises. Burgell made himself look like an evil dwarf, complete with scars and a menacing appearance.

The gnome Zaphrim took off his shirt and showed off his "crazy gnome" act, gleefully shouting "I make medusa jerky!"

Disguises ready, the heroes headed into the city to meet Deran Mollan. The trader was initially skeptical of these adventuring riffraff, but Dain was able to convince him that they did, in fact, save him from a fate worse than death.

Darogan Ferventfire asked if Mollan knew of Xalbador Mathis and his various business dealings (many of them unsuccessful). The elder Mollan explained he knew Xalbador all too well, and was aware of certain outstanding loans that the man had made. In lieu of payment, Darogan asked that Mollan use his influence in the city to put pressure on Xalbador to reduce the amount that the heroes needed to pay him to release Darogan's master.

Thankful to have his son home safe and soun, the elder Mollan agreed. He explained he'd need two days make the arrangements.

Readying 26, 516

The heroes laid low in Blue for two days and then headed back to the estate. Mollan informs them that he'd been able to negotiate the price of Gremorly's relase from 25,000 to 18,750. That evening the heroes stated at the Mollan estate and celebrated the profitable deal.

Readying 27, 516

One day later Darogan and the others headed to an arranged meeting at the Crowned Caravel for the exchange. Xalbador -- his flunkies discretely positioned around the room -- turned over Gremorly in exchange for the agreed upon treasure.

"He's all yours. Get him out of here before he destroys the world!" Xalbador aid, getting in one last slight against the sage's research.


Player Characters

  • Burgell Nackle: 1650 xp
  • Darogan Ferventfire: 1650 xp
  • Hawkwind: 1650 xp
  • Jack Greymane: 1650 xp
  • Rinnadar Tinugelydh: 1650 xp
  • Zaphrym: 1650 xp

Non-player Characters

  • None


  • N/A