Chapter 4: The Boneyard Rescue

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What Came Before

After being confronted by his junior partners about cashflow discrepancies, Saul overreacted. He hired a gang of wererats to kidnap Phil and take him to the Boneyard. He then intended to tell the PCs that the gnome had been taken by enemies of the Gold Goblin, and that they should rescue him. They would then be ambushed – and killed – by the wererat gang, and a new group of less observant partners would be hired.

But his plan was discovered by Samaritha (the heroes' allied wizard and co-worker at the Goblin) who saw Phil kidnapped. She escaped, chased by some of Saul's thugs. The junior management arrived just as she was running, fought the thugs, and then decided to withdraw to their safehouse. There they met up with an elven ranger named Kwava who's been watching the Goblin because he suspects that Saul has a mysterious, unseen backer who gave him the funds he needed to run the gambling hall. Kwava knows that these wererats lair in the Boneyard, a marshy bay that serves as Riddleport’s dump and ship graveyard.

The heroes must now rescue their friend, and put an end to the wererat threat.

The Adventure


Active XP

Inactive XP


  • A collection of fine silver utencils (10 sets, worth a total of 100 gp)
  • A case of fine red wine from Aldoran (worth 30 gp)
  • A damaged, but salvageable ox-hair rug from Kalsguard (worth 300 gp)
  • A carved wood figurehead of a griffin salvaged from another ship. Fine quality carving, worth 100 gp.
  • Goblin tribal carving depicting the slaughter of a pack of wild dogs by goblin warriors. Very rare, given that goblins usually destroy art. Worth 50 gp, 200 gp to a collector.
  • A well-made long bench carved with peculiar (Aquan) graffiti (30 gp)
  • A stainglass window depicting a water spider (10 gp) (given to Clegg)


  • 26 pp
  • 332 gp
  • 310 sp
  • 211 cp

Weapons & Armor

  • 4 suits of masterwork studded leather armor
  • 1 suit of +1 studded leather armor
  • Swamplight: +1 shortsword, gleams with a faint green light; once per day can create a single orb of dancing light
  • 3 short swords
  • light crossbow +1 with 20 bolts engraved with spider webs, other treasure)
  • 2 light crossbows


  • Wand of magic missile (13 charges, 1st ll caster, command word: Strike!)
  • Bone scroll case containing: Arcane Scroll, Hideous laughter (2nd lvl spell/3rd lvl caster) : 150gp
  • Steel vial containing universal solvent (smells of alcoholic vapors, tastes like windex)
  • Dust of Illusion (appears as a mixed colored bag of crushed chalk dust)
  • Potion of Pass without a Trace (smells like a honeysuckle)
  • Cloak of Resistance +1: Smells faintly of the sewers;
    • What’s that smell? Cast daze once per day (0 level wizard spell, DC 11)