Chapter 5: St. Caspieran's Salvation

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What Came Before

The wererat gang was smashed in the Boneyard. Phillymondiuspartigan Jones has been rescued. You have been "fired" from your jobs at the Gold Goblin, and your former employer Saul Vancaskerkin clearly wants you dead for daring to pry into his finances. The crimelord Clegg Zincher is a new ally, and eager for dirt on Saul's return to power. Another new ally is Kwava (aka Hawk Elf), an elven ranger who is also investigating Saul's unknown backers.

Now the question is what to do next? Without an employer, the adventurers have resorted to hiding out in one of Skender's safehouses. Skender and his friend, Freddie Five Fingers, are searching for secret tunnels leading to the Gold Goblin while his allies seek out odd jobs to keep them in silver until they're strong enough to take on Saul.

The Adventure

This adventure focused on retrieve a bunch of nautical maps stolen by Beltias, onetime first-mate of the Tyrant. The request came at the request of Captain "Keelhaul" Kellion, one of the men attending Jheru's regular Captains' Tea. The party found Beltias running a gang out of a mission in the Rotgut District; they were able to defeat his gang (and their boxes of giant scorpions) and convince one of their members to tell them where the charts were. They also turned over Beltias to "Keelhaul", earning a bonus in the process.


Active XP

Inactive XP



  • 400 gp (from Keelhaul Kellion as reward for recovering his nautical maps)
  • 178 gp (off of Beltias' body)
  • From the Belltower stash:
    • 32 gp
    • 256 sp
    • 400 cp

Weapons & Armor

  • suit of leather armor


  • Potion of Spider Climb
  • dagger +1
  • An anchor feather token


  • 4 thunderstones
  • Masterwork thieves' tools
  • Quartz short sword pommel (30 gp)
  • Silver anklet chain (22 gp)
  • Signet ring of Korvosa's Ornelos family (5 gp)
  • An ornate brass candelabra (15 gp)
  • A bronze knocker in the shape of a dolphin (10 gp)
  • A folding marlin spike (2 gp)