Chapter 8: Beneath the Gold Goblin

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What Has Come Before

The heroes have discovered a back entrance to the Gold Goblin. After retreating, restocking, and resting, they have returned to the hidden entrance in order to learn more about Saul's secret allies.

The Adventure

the heroes screwed up Saul's gold delivery to a purple-skinned, white-haired elf lurking in the caverns beneath the Gold Goblin, forcing him to go see her in person. On his return, they ambushed him in the shaft leading up to the Goblin, subduing him, taking him to see Clegg, and forcing him to spill what he knew.

Apparently the elf was conducting some sort of alchemical/metallurgical analysis of the Cypher Gate, which turns out to be more of a Cypher Ring as it continues beneath the surface of the ground (this is a major discovery -- no one knew this before). She was using an adamantine drill to extract samples of the gate for some unknown purpose.

The heroes didn't confront her, and have not yet returned to the caverns where she apparently operated. Any plans to do so were stopped by the disappearance of the Blot, and the subsequent arrival of a meteor that went streaking high over Riddleport and smashed into the ocean several miles off shore. It's impact sent a tidal wave surging into Riddleport, smashing ships and buildings.

Clegg, not caring about the destruction, announces he's going to find a ship and take it out to sea to hunt down the star metal from the meteorite that fell to earth.

Unresolved questions:

  1. What was the elf doing? Where is her secret cavern?
  2. Did the meteorite hit land?
  3. Can the heroes seize control of the Gold Goblin (and do they want to?)
  4. What will become of Saul?


  • 380 gp
  • two large rubies worth 500 gp each
  • an antique gold idol of an ancient Osirion cat-headed goddess worth 1,500 gp,
  • a crystal wand of levitate (9 charges).


Active XP

Passive XP