Church of Hextor, Highport

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Hell's Reach Keep

After the War of Exile, the Hextorites of Blue and Obsidian Bay fled into the Drachensgrabs, where they took over a long-abandoned fortress founded by members of their faith, Hell's Reach Keep.

The Church used Hell’s Reach as a staging area for raids against Obsidian Bay commerce moving about the peninsula. These raids hurt commerce for months in CY 590 until the Blackrazor Guild sacked Hell’s Reach Keep and ended the Hextorite presence in the Drachensgrabs.

Yet, the Brothers of War are not whole defeated. It is known that the Hextorites had agents and followers who stayed behind after Obsidian Bay’s liberation, and many believe that they play to ally themselves with the humanoid rulers of the Empire of Mak.


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  • Iron Masks: A gang of Hextorite thugs operating in Obsidian Bay's Wharf District.


  • Ruins of Hextorite Shrine: The ruins of the Shrine of Hextor, erected during Obsidian Bay's brief, one-year occupation by the forces of the Scarlet Brotherhood.
  • Hell's Reach Keep: A Hextorite stronghold in the Drachensgrab Mountains that was sacked by the Blackrazor Guild in CY 590.
  • Temple of Hextor, Highport: The grand temple of Hextor, located in the humanoid controlled city of Highport.


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