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Halfling bard trying to restore his place with his family.


Growing up in the middle of Seltaren, Cicero comes from a well known family. His Great Great Grandaunt, Aeliana Grubgrabber was a well known adventurer who once aided in slaying a Black Dragon. The Grubgrabber name carries some sway, but not nearly as much as it used to, and definately not as far removed as Cicero is. His upbringing was largely unremarkable. His Father, Atticus a humble leathersmith worked as much as he could to provide for Cicero what he never had. Which was bagpipe lessons. Atticus loved bagpipe music. Cicero took well to the instrument but found other, less annoying sounding loves in the process. Namely the Shawm and the traditional instrument of the bards, the lute. He thrived in his schooling at the local bard school, The Seltaren Bard Academy of Bards; a school with an unfortunate name because of a paperwork mishap at its founding. As is Grubgrabber tradition, upon the day of his 40th birthday, Cicero was unceremoniously kicked out of his house. At least that's what he says. In truth his father asked him to play the bagpipes for him, and it turns out Cicero had sold them. This so enraged his fatter that he kicked him out of the house.

Currently Cicero is on a play and stay arrangement at a local tavern, The Grumpy Griffin. His signature set is holding his shawm in his teeth while playing, and simultaneously juggling anything nearby. This garners a respectable amount of tips, but Cicero knows he is destined for something better. He hungers for adventure like his ancestor. The Blackrazor recruitment drive is his chance to feed that hunger.



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