Gavin "Two Cups" Gallows

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Gavin "Two Cups" Gallows is a half-elf of Varisian lineage, of the nomadic performers who long for the open road. His father was a renowned musician and performer who's love of song sparked the interest of an elf maiden. Their relationship lasted rather longer than most human/elven trysts, as the Varisian passion for roving, and refusal to put down roots meshed well with the wanderlust and detachment of his elven love. Human mortality eventually interceded and Gavin's mother moved on after a time to continue her life journey. Having absorbed his parents' passion for story and song, as well as their restlessness, Gavin set out on his own.


Gavin's singing caught the attention of the goddess Calistira, and the two had a fling. Ended when Gavin made a poorly timed joke about how she was "no Shelyn, for whom my thirst can never be quenched." Realizing his mistake too late, the half-elf tried to blame it on being drunk. True to her vengeful nature, Calistria placed a unique curse on the bard: his thirst would remain forever unquenched as water would become wine any time he drank. "Take your time, sweetling. I'm sure you will think of what you actually meant to say."


is Gavin really a functional drunk trying to embellish his own legend? Is he running away from loss or truly 'God-sloshed', as he likes to boast?


bears a Varisian "birth tattoo", which seems to be an archaic line/phrase in an unknown language. Tattoo becomes more clear as the bearer ages (source: Inner Sea World Guide).


During the Second Darkness campaign, Gavin was briefly killed, where he found himself in an audience with Caiden Cailean.  The "Accidental God" offered him patronage and a return to the fight if Gavin forswore his pseudo-patronage/courtship with Calistria. It was an offer he couldn't, and didn't, refuse.