Heart of Darkness Campaign

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The first "Legacy campaign" picks up 50 years after the Blackrazor Campaign; though this one is not directly connected as it happens elsewhere in the Flanaess and not in Obsidian Bay.


The year is CY 650.

Current Status

The campaign is active.

Cast of Characters


  • Brigga Foehammer (Ken): A dwarven battlemage and member of the ascendent dwarven nation.
  • Mordai (Damon): A tiefling warlock and descendent of K'Sograh (Baldwin)
  • Quarion (Jim): A wood elven cleric of Rillifane Rallathil, god of Wood Elves, Woodlands, Nature, and Druids.
  • Balasar (Zack): A dragonborn sorcerer.
  • Jareth (Lance): A human druid, member of the Circle of the Moon.
  • Bannock (Jon): Human (Oeridian) Male Ranger Beastmaster 7 Acolyte of Pelor
  • Onarra (Tom): elven thief
  • Kage Lowleaf (Hardcorhobbs): halfling "farmer"


  • Erk Folkor (Eric): A forest gnome rogue.
  • Naziah (Nate): A Flan forester and capable fighter. His preferred weapon is a great axe.


  • There are currently no retired characters.


  • There are currently no dead characters.

Character Creation

Characters are built using the 5E standart point buy, and use the standard starting gold and equipment as layed out in the 5E rulebook.