Nolan Corasar

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The leader of the Council of Commons is the firebrand Lord Chairman Nolan Corasar, a Keolandish tradesman who immigrated to Obsidian Bay two decades ago. Corasar is a compelling, charismatic man who spent spent a fair amount of time adventuring in the Drachensgrab Hills with a few of his stolid dwarven allies.

He retired from adventuring 15 years ago to open his own blacksmith shop in Kallis, a small town a half-day's ride from Obsidian Bay. He's led quite a prosperous life since, then, and has hired nearly a half-dozen blacksmiths – each with an apprentice – to work in his forges. He crafts excellent weapons and armor, and has an outstanding reputation as being a honest, fair, hard-heated and above all else, hot tempered. The dwarves he adventured with – some of whom now work at Delven & Sons – still tell stories of the curses he once shouted during a battle with a red dragon.

Nolan was – and still is – a frequent critic of Obsidian Bay, especially when its Councils were dominated by those seeking some sort of peace with the humanoids of the Pomarj. He argued for years that the only way to end the menace was to drive them from the peninsula, but his – and those like him – found their voices were drowned out by the peace-mongers who sought to a "diplomatic end" to the periodic wars.

To his credit, Lord Major Gabriel Longriver was also wary of peace with the humanoids, but he did not have enough political backers to push his agenda of creating a Domain of influence onthe Pomarj.

With the fall of Obsidian Bay to humanoid and Scarlet Brotherhood agents, and the subsequent retaking of the city during the War of Exile, the warhawks returned to ascendancy. Backed by angry veterans of two recent wars, pro-war candidates swept all three councils.

And Nolan was at the crest of that wave. People had been telling him for years – ever since the doves' began advocating peace at the end of the Greyhawk Wars – to run for office. Now, infuriated by humanoid invasion and the damage it did – both in terms of lives and in property – to his town, Nolan took their advice.

The popular, no-nonsense political neophyte won a seat on the Council of Common s, and soon after was named Lord Chairman. He is a stalwart defender of the Lord Mayor, who has finally had a chance to implement his expansionist vision. Just as importantly, Nolan has allies in the streets, in the holds and most importantly, in the guilds. The venerable dwarven stonemason Delvin respects and supports him, as do many members of the Orc-slayers Guild (several of whom he adventured with at one time). He also has backers among the Griffins Guild and the Invincibles, and has even been known to throw back a few with the Rallymen.

Still, he has his detractors. Half-orcs and not-insignificant number of humanoids living in the city were alarmed at his fledgling friendship with the upstart Trithereonite priest Corin. Rebelling against the local leader of his church – Kalib Ironfist – Corin has been advocating total war against the humanoid ... and the stripping of all citizenry rights from those living in the city.

These fears abated somewhat when Corin left the city to establish a fortified base on the other side of the Drachensgrabs. But recent rumors have indicated he's met success in that adventure (which had been proposed by Ironfist as a way – some speculate – of getting the troublesome priest out of the city), and may be coming back soon. For his part, the Lord Chairman grudgingly admits that most of the humanoids in the city are serving a purpose and are decent, if not outstanding, citizens.

As Lord Chairman, Nolan is particularly interested in military affairs, and the ranks of his advisors are dominated by veterans. He advocates beefing up the Knightly Orders, particularly the Knights of the Sword (charged with defending the realm) and the Knights of the Fist (charged with leading strikes into enemy territory). He is also pushing for the creation of new border keeps and the refurbishing of existing ruins. Some accuse him of attempting to line his pockets – and the pockets of his warmongering friends – with taxpayer gold, but after the recent wars few are willing to listen to such accusations.