Nuke(m)Con 2008

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Nuke(m)con is the groups weekend-long game fest. Run on years where a majority of the group is unable to hit the big cons (like Gencon, Origins, etc.)


  • When: September 19-21, 2008
  • Where: The Nuke Residence
  • Why: Because everyone needs a weekend full of gaming!

This year's theme is Westerns! We'll be trying out a few western-themed roleplaying games picked up over the past few years.

But of course the highlight of the event, will be the D&D event: The Assault on Turrosh Mak. Mak is the despot ruler of the Orcish Empire which has been at war with the Domain of Obsidian Bay for some time. But a group of Heroes* may just get a chance to take down the leader for good.

'* "Heroes" is to be used lightly, as the Blackrazors are known for their inadvertent heroism.


A rough schedule of the weekend's events

  • Note:Subject to change!

Friday September 19

Block 1 (9-1) Serenity Open Slot
GM: Ken
Lunch (1-2)
Block 2 (2-6) Aces & Eights Open Slot
GM: Cory
Dinner (6-7)
Block 3 (7-?) D&D Assault Preview (table 1) D&D Assault Preview (table 2)
GM: Cory George

Saturday September 20

Block 1 (9-1) Deadlands Reloaded D&D: Tales from Malcanthet's Den
GM: Ken Nate
Lunch (1-2)
Block 2 (2-6) Battletech: Heavy Mechs Aces & Eights
GM: Damon Brendan
Dinner Out (6-8)
Block 3 (8-?) D&D Assault on Turrosh Mak (table 1) D&D Assault on Turrosh Mak (table 2)
GM: Ken Cory

Sunday September 21

Block 1 (9-12:45) Dogs in the Vineyard Battletech: Heavy Mechs
GM: Ken Damon
Lunch (12:45-1:15)
Block 2 (1:15-5) Star Wars: Starship Battles Open Slot
GM: Ken