Obsidian Bay Medals

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Obsidian Bay awards medals to its most heroic and deserving citizens. Some of these medals have magical abilities and all garner the respect of the city's citizenry.

The medals

The Tear of Krovis

This award is a platinum tear that hangs on a platinum chain. It is awarded to the most exceptional heroes in the city. It bestows a +1 to one saving throw per day. The wearer must declare he or she is using the modifier before making the save. It is one of the highest honors that can be bestowed by the city, and is only given to those who complete the most dangerous, heroic quests on its behalf. Some of the Blackrazors were awarded this medal for awakening the sleeping hero-god Krovis.

The Scepter of Excellence

This award is given to the adventuring guild which has accomplished the most -- both for themselves and for the city -- in a given year. It made from solid silver with a perfect obsidian gem at its top and has no magical abilities, but the guild that controls it gains considerable respect in the Obsidian community. There is only one scepter, and it is passed from guild to guild as it is awarded anew each year. The scepter is presented during a simple ceremony during the Festival of Liberation.

The present holders of the scepter is the Blackrazor Guild, which received it in CY 588 for awakening the sleeping hero god Krovis and banishing the fiends from Obsidian Bay.

The Platinum Griffin

The Platinum Griffin is the city’s highest honor, and it is only given to those who have died saving it in some truly spectacular way. Killian “The Red” O’Brian was awarded this medal after he died slaying the pyromancer Weri in the Battle of Blue.

The Golden Griffin=

The Golden Griffin is one of the city’s highest awards, and has given to those who perform some great feat in the name all that is good and just. It is comprised of a small gold griffin suspended from a reinforced gold chain. Enchanted by clerics of Heironeous, medal allows the recipient to cast cure light wounds on him or her self once per day. Some of the Blackrazors were awarded this medal for banishing the fiends from Obsidian Bay in CY 588.

The Silver Griffin

Another of the city’s awards, this one is slightly more common, and is awarded for exceptional bravery. It has no special abilities. The Blackrazors were awarded the Silver Griffin for their part in the Battle of Blue.

=The Bronze Griffin

The most common of the city’s awards, the Bronze Griffin is often awarded for exceptional service or for acts of bravery in the field -- things like 20 years of service to the City Guard, or an excellent maneuver while out on patrol. Although relatively common in terms of the city’s medals, they are still very rare -- only a handful are given out each year. These medals have no special properties.