The Battle of Blue, Part 1

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About the Saga

A powerful humanoid army is threatening the Free City of Blue. Obsidian Bay rushes to its defense with an army led by General Stephan Warwick -- and a contingent of Blackrazors, Orcslayers and Ralleymen.

The Blackrazors, leading several hundred men, fight their first battle on the way to Blue. It is later known as the Battle of Dragon's Cry.


Cast of Characters

Notable Quotes

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What Has Come Before

The Blackrazors have successfully explored their guildhall's basement complex, defeating the traps and monsters within, and securing it for their own use. Now though, a great army threatens the free city of Blue, and the Blackrazors must rise to defend it.

The Saga

Wealsun 17, CY 587

Cleaning out the basement

It took them two weeks and nearly a dozen men, but the Blackrazor Guild finally managed to clean out their basement. A core group of brave guild worked there way through the three levels of the cursed basement, defeating traps and magical guardians. On the final level they found a small demonic horde barricade behind a wall of force. They summoned help from their fellows in the guild, dropped the force wall, and eradicated the demon. Then, with the blood of vanquished demons still drying on their basement floor, the Blackrazors immediately launched into dividing up their loot.

  • Calvin Cloudmore -- Incense of Mediation (6 sticks), clear ioun stone
  • Falgar– Cloak of the Eagle, Sword of the Planes (long sword)
  • Aaron Windstalker – Bracers of Defense AC3, Ring of Protection +2
  • Greggor – Ring of Shooting Stars, Wand of Illusions
  • Sven Kildare – Iron Flask
  • Kannett -- A human-sized suit of elven chain +2
  • Tanevir – scroll of summoning air elemental, Brazier of Fire Mites
  • Killian – potion of ESP
  • Gambori (an party NPC) – Oil of Slipperiness

The spellbooks found in the various libraries on the third floor became group treasure, as did the cube of force and a magical chicken. With the treasure divided, and everyone happily playing with their new found items, the Blackrazors emerged from their basement on Wealsun 17th of CY 587 to find that the city had gone to war.

Not a moment’s rest

"Gentlemen. It’s been so long since we’ve had a real talk, and this now," Damocles Everton said, shaking his head at a piece of parchment on his desk. The Blackrazor guildmaster continued: "The city’s leaders have received word of an force of humanoids moving south from Highport with the intention of taking Blue. They have decided to form an expeditionary force to stop it – and our guild has been selected to be a part of that force. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, our ranks have swollen a bit around here, no doubt because of our string of commercial and martial successes recently. We have more than a hundred paying members of the guild now which means by this time next year we’ll have a voting seat on the Council of Guilds ... if we can keep our numbers up.

He smiled. "I will be staying in the city, as will the masters of the other guilds. You will lead our forces into the field. The city has requested half of our forces for this expedition. That gives you 60 men, which I know Ragnar has already outfitted for battle. There will be a meeting this afternoon at 2 p.m. at the Chamber of War in the Mayor’s Mansion with the master of this most noble endeavor, General Stefan Warrick. Now, if you will excuse me, I have business at the wharf." And with that, the Blackrazor elite, still aching from their battles in the basement, shook their heads and prepared for the meeting.

The Council of War

The leaders of the various guilds are called to the Chamber of War, a special room in the Mayor’s mansion dedicated to the war effort of the city. The officers and junior officers of the various forces making up the expeditionary force of obsidian bay have been invited to this, their first formal meeting.

The room is in the form of a half circle, and can hold 100 individuals. Half that number are now here and you quickly recognize some of the faces, including Bonebreaker Dras, second in command of the Ralleymen Guild and Cutter, one of the leaders of the Orcslayers Guild. You can also see a man wearing a strange set of leather armor that you’ve only seen before from a distance – it is the armor of the griffon riders of the Griffon’s Guild.

Soon after you take your seats, a 5’ tall human female dressed in chainmail armor enters the room – you instantly recognize her as Illandra Mooresend, the Lady General of the city and leader of its armed forces. Walking two steps behind her is a tall human male wearing old – but well-designed – banded mail armor whom you guess is General Warrick.

As they enter the room, the everyone rises to their feet and immediately deliver a sharp salute – open hand to chest.

The woman mounts the center stage and then motions for everyone to sit. Her long blonde hair has been tied in a braid that falls to her waist and you can see a sheathed short sword hanging from a belt around her waist.

"Gentlemen and gentleladies, thank you for joining me on this day. As you now know, a force of humanoids has left Highport with the purpose of enslaving the free city of Blue."

We can not allow this to happen. By a unanimous vote, the three Councils have declared war on the Empire of Mak, and have agreed to form an expeditionary force to drive back the humanoid forces before they can besiege our allies to the west."

This expeditionary force, which you are now a part of, will join up with a force of defenders under the command of "Lord Protector" Maxmillian Umberleige.

At the mention of Umberleige’s name a chorus of moans rises from those in the audience.

"Yes, I know we have had problems with the man before, but he has no love of the humanoids I assure you. He and his Gashers have everything to lose if the humanoids take the city. In this endeavor, he his our ally and we must treat him as such."

As you go east to challenge this threat, those of us remaining in the city will be preparing for another blow. We believe that Mak is garnering a great army in Stonehiem with the intention of striking at us after Blue has fallen. If we can stop that army – or even destroy it – he may think twice before attacking us here."

With that, I leave you in the capable hands of General Warrick."

Thunderous applause rises up as the Lady General leaves the stage and Warrick steps front and center.

The Combined Army

As she leaves the room, the applause dies down and Warrick begins to speak.

"We have gathered together a force of 2,500 professional and civilian combatants for our expeditionary force, which is gathering outside the city walls even as we speak."

"We will rendezvous outside of Blue, as the Lady General said, with a force of 1,000 warriors from that city under the command of Lord Protector Umberleige." He raises a hand to cut off any more groans. Umberleige hasn’t had a change of heart – he’s still a bastard and many of his men still worship that demon-suckled monstrosity Hextor. But he hates Mak even more than he hates the "goodies" down in Obsidian Bay, and he will along side us."

Still, I won’t kid you. The morale and quality of his forces isn’t as good as ours – in the heat of battle they may turn and run, especially when they see what we are up against."

And what are we up against? We know that an huge war band of humanoids calling it’s the Army of Burning Glory left Highport two days ago. It is comprised of somewhere in the neighborhood of 5,000 troops. Included in this army are a number of elite units including at least one division (200) high orcs, a fire mage and a gigantic red dragon. Also spotted have been a number of flying mounts with various draconian features. The exact nature of those mounts isn’t known – our spies have been "eliminated" by the enemy, and our attempts at magical scrying have failed.

It will take this army nearly three weeks – possibly longer – to move against Blue. That doesn’t give us much time, but I intend to be outside of blue within two weeks so that we can engage their army outside of the city. Then, if need be, we can fall back to the city. You have tonight to prepare you men; we leave at dusk tomorrow. Any questions?"

"Unconventional thinking"

After the Q&A, Warrick asks that the Blackrazor and Orcslayer guild representatives stay behind.

"Gentlemen, thank you for staying. I’ve spent months working on the composition of this force, and I’ve handpicked your two organizations for very specific tasks.

The Griffins Guild, with their impressive mounts, will provide us with recon, The Rallymen will give us brawn, and the Invincibles, well, sheer attitude. You organizations, however, will provide us with unconventional thinking. Both of your units have impressed me with your chaotic, yet effective, tactics. You’ve also developed quite a reputation among our foes. The Orcslayers have been feared since the end of the last war and the Blackrazors are just now developing a menacing rep."

I need your units to lead the forward components of the army. You will lead the main body by a half-day to full days ride, scouting our path and keeping us informed. Destroy what enemies you can, retreat when it is prudent. Above all, keep us informed of your progress. When the final battle erupts, we may need to perform flanking maneuvers of some sort – attacking with the insane abandon that you are known for.

Each of you will have a division of citizen’s guardsmen, militia men, and city guardsmen, numbering 500 men in total."

And with that, the Blackrazors left to prepare their men.

The First Battle

A week outside of the city – on the 24th of Wealsun – a messenger from the main army caught up with the Blackrazors. The rider carried a message from Warrick, who reported that the army’s advance scouts had picked up evidence of a fair-sized goblinoid army to the southeast.

Engage the goblins. Destroy if possible. Withdraw if casualties exceed 25% of your forces. W.

With the message in hand, the Blackrazors began plotting a way to find the army on overcast, depressing plains of the Pomarj. They settled upon sending Falgar, Aaron and Greggor on flying expeditions. They flew an hour away from the Blackrazor Army, but found nothing. The next day they sent their scouts out again … and this time hit pay dirt. Greggor discovered the army – made up of 400 goblins, 200 hobgoblins and a smattering of ogres – had closed to within four hours forced march of their own forces.

The Blackrazors decided to stop and let the goblinoids engage them. The opposing army charged onto the battlefield as the Obsidian forces launched flight after flight of arrows into the goblin ranks. As the forces closed the goblins and hobgoblins took heavy loses but were able to deal some damage of their own as their worgstore into the Blackrazor cavalry unit. With the Blackrazors nearly decimated, the orges sprung their surprise – a dragonne the army had captured the previous week. The lion/bronze dragon highbred launched itself at the Obsidian Bay militia unit, which promptly faltered and fell back.

After the dragonne’s initial attack Kannett and Killian counterattacked it, killing it in two heartbeats while Aaron devastated the worg ranks with a cone of cold from his wand of frost. Not to be outmanuevered, the goblinoid armies leaders – two orge magi – moved forward, one blasting the citizens guard with a cone of cold while the other used an identical spell against Kannett, Killian and the nearby Obsidian Bay militia. The battle accelerated from there, with the guard units wiping out the goblin, hobgoblin and orge units near them. The Blackrazor cavalry rallied and ran down the goblin forces nearest them, and their opposing worg number routed and ran.

The Blackrazor force suffered heavy losses during the fighting, but managed to recover many of their lost troops by holding the field at the end of the day. As they re-formed their units they found they’d suffered only about 14 percent losses, well below the 25% limit set by General Warrick. With their army triumphent, the Blackrazors prepared to meet up with the main force and report their victory to the General.

Experience & Loot

  • No experience and/or loot is avalable for this saga.