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NukeHavoc is one of the campaign's long-running GMs. He's currently running the group's Shadows of the Force Star Wars campaign. He's also the group's primary web monkey, and is responsible for the creation of this wiki. You can reach him via email a


Blackrazor Campaign

  • Aaron Windstalker: My initial character in the Blackrazor campaign; Aaron's been dead several different times, yet some how managed to claw his way back into the land of the living.
  • D'klar Ironforge: A hill dwarf from Obsidian Bay, now a resident of Khelez-mar.
  • Gnarth Binderstone: A gnome from Mogelsville.
  • Vasar: A summoner renowned for his lack of people skills and constantly referring to himself in the third person.

Dark City Campaign

  • Thom Silverbow: A bard who spends his time trying to get the credit for being heroic without actually doing the whole dangerous adventuring thing.
  • Zilanderan: The second iteration of the multiverse-spawning adventurer.
  • Kolborg Drammenmark: A young rogue obsessed with revenge against the mage Falgar, whom he believes murdered his father in the Battle of Blue.

Redshirts Campaign

  • Zilanderan: The initial iteration of Zilanderan, who was captured by followers of the Elemental Evils and sacrificed to Tharizdun.
  • Merwyn: The Redshirts' ranking (ok, only) wizard.

Westmarks Campaign

Maure Castle Campaign

  • DM

Khelez-Mar Campaign

Ravenloft Campaign

  • Pierce Haligarth: A burgler and con artist who some how got caught up in the horror that is Ravenloft.

Soul Stones Campaign