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Seltaren.jpg Seltaren

Country: located in::Duchy of Urnst
Leader(s): Lord Mayor Andrastis Zolinth
Population: population::9,800
Arms: N/A

The Former capital of the Duchy of Urnst, now falling to disrepair.


Seltaren Arms.png
Country: Duchy of Urnst
Leader: Lord Mayor Andrastis Zolinth
Population: 9,800

The city of Seltaren is one known for it's corruption. Once the capital city of Urnst, the city has fallen a long way from the height of its power and influence. These days it's known more as a city of nobles and merchants who control the resources moving through the duchy.


  • Nadirborough - the first district, oldest, and most run down. Because of this it's also become a haven for the shadier residents of the city.
  • Warehouse District - this district is home to traders and businesses catering to those visiting the city.
  • Whispering Falls - home of the open market, city parks, and a few more reputable businesses.
  • Starborough, Imperial District - home of government buildings, the city guard, royal estates, and the Seeker's lodge.
  • Overlook Summit - better known as the noble district, this area mainly consists of the estates of the cities nobles.


The first settlement in the area now known as Seltaren was the town of Nadirborough founded by Ancient Sueloise traders coming from Maure Castle. This trade spot became so popular, in large part of the four rivers that came together in Lake Seltaren, that the city was eventually founded. When it did, it folded the existing town in as a district. At its height, the city was the capital of the Republic of Urnst. After the division of the Urnst states, the newly appointed Duke begins work on the city of Leukish. Several decades later the capital is moved from Seltaren to Leukish. The remaining nobles begin making political moves for the city, which will last to this day. These power moves slowly corrupt the city, though it wasn't until a few years ago when the newest Duke of Urnst purged Leukish of thieves guilds. The influx of thieves that came to Seltaren made the decay of the city infinitely worse.


The city is ruled by a Lord Mayor appointed by the Duke. The current Lord Mayor is Andrastis Zolinth, who in turn appoints a council to advise him. The laws enacted by this governing body are enforced buy the city guard known as The Duskwardens.

City Tax

In order to gain more revenue, the city recently enacted the following tax for entrance to the city:

  • For general populace entering the city: 1 SP entry
  • For Merchants entering the city: 1 GP entry
  • For all adventurers entering the city: 1 GP entry, and they must sign of ledger of intent for entering the city.
    • It's an extra 1 GP to carry weapons the city, or they must be peace-bonded. Failure to keep them piece-bound incurs a 50 gp fine.
    • It's an extra 1 GP for all spell casters, as they are considered always armed.



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