Wyvern Empire

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Banner of the Wyvern Empire

An ever growing army of Hextorites seeking to tame the Pomarj.


Once there was a man named Kor. He was a drunk who thrived on get-rich-quick schemes. After getting run out of dozens of towns and cities he made his way to the new settlement of Griffins Landing. There he tried his hand at some real adventuring. A disastrous outing with his first group the Hell's Huntsmen almost put him off adventuring for good... except that he actually found something useful. So he traded this knowledge with a new group of adventures, and much to their surprise followed them. During these adventures the adventurers gave him a magical rusty gauntlet and a vicious looking battle ax. Little did they know that the gauntlet held the spirit of the anti-paladin Lord Randall.

Kor found a new sense of purpose, and a new confidence. During a harsh winter in the city he saw the local churches giving hand-outs and decided the city was filled with the weak. So he conquered a local gang known as the Wyverns. He then ordered them to follow him into the blizzard in an attempt to find the Steel Skull Fortress. It took some time, and the lives of some of the Wyverns... but they were able to find it. Word quickly spread among the followers of Hextor that one of their former fortresses had been secured, and that the Iron Warriors within had been claimed.

As followers flocked to his banner, Kor renamed his group the Wyvern Empire. Now numbering over 100 and growing, the group seeks to conquer their neighboring lands. They also seek Kor's former adventueres, as the General believes he can sway them to join his organization.




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