Background: Bandit

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Created specifically for the Heart of Darkness Campaign.


You have spent time with the infamous raiders of the Bandit Kingdoms and have come to understand their outlook on life. You are used to travelling light and striking quickly and unexpectedly. You also know how to make use of your raiders fearsome reputation to get what you want.

Skill Proficiencies

Intimidate, plus choose 1 from: Animal Handling, Perception or Survival

Tool Proficiencies

Choose 1 from: Smith’s tools, Leatherworker’s tools, Gaming Set or Herbalism Kit


Choose 1


Bedroll, Blanket, 3 large Sacks (for loot), whetstones, the rest in your class's starting gold.

Feature: Infamy

You have a past association with an infamous warlord from the Bandit Kingdoms, which people can recognize (special tattoo, prominent sigil on equipment, or recognized by a witness). You add double your proficiency bonus to any Intimidate checks toward anyone who is aware of your past (and who would be intimidated by reasonably powerful bandits).

Suggested Characteristics


  1. You like the thrill of daring raids against worthy foes as a chance to prove your worth.
  2. You believe that wealth belongs to those strong enough to hold it; if it can be taken away from you then you didn’t deserve it.
  3. You hated the bloodshed involved with raiding but you were there to support your brothers-in-arms.
  4. You turned from the bandit lifestyle after you were responsible for the innocents being killed.
  5. You were driven out of your raiding band for a real or imagined slight and you carry the shame of it with you always.
  6. You left your raiding band after a particularly successful raid because everyone was settling down and you wanted more adventure.


  1. You refuse to conduct any sort of raids against good people, and it’s caused bad blood with less scrupulous companions. (Good)
  2. You love seeing the fear in people’s eyes when they see your band. (Evil)
  3. Loyalty to your brothers-in-arms and bandit lord is the highest personal achievement. (Lawful)
  4. You love the freedom of going wherever you choose and striking when unexpected. (Chaotic)
  5. You think that the social order in towns and cities needs to be shaken up, and what better way than to relieve the over-class of their wealth and privileges? (Chaotic)
  6. You will do anything to support your brothers-in-arms. (Neutral)


  1. You were left for dead on a raid and the people you had raided nursed you to health. Now you owe them a great debt.
  2. You have vowed to make recompense to those harmed by your raids.
  3. Even though you are no longer with your raiding group you are bound to them by blood. You will still do whatever you can for them if they ever need you, and they would do the same for you.
  4. You have vowed vengeance against a mysterious enemy who destroyed your raiding band.
  5. Your raiding group was disbanded to search for a mysterious relic. If you find it, you can reunite your band.
  6. You have sworn vengeance on your former raiding band for driving you out.


  1. You secretly crave the bloodshed of a good raid.
  2. You are greedy and always demand the best treasure for yourself.
  3. You would gladly sacrifice anyone in your group to ensure your own safety. Or to claim the best loot.
  4. You will stick by your companions no matter what evil they do.
  5. You are suspicious of anyone outside of my group of companions.
  6. You are wasteful, always spending everything that you make, relying on the next raid to make ends meet.