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Bannock's ancestors come from the Horned Lands region of the former Empire of Iuz, from even before his rise to power, in and around Kindell and Ixworth, and were proud followers of Pelor, often working within the church. During the wars, his family moved south to avoid the horrible conflict. Bannock was raised in the church in Furyondy, in the lands around Willip on the Nyr Dyv, and is quite faithful, but never took to the organization life in a working church required, and often found himself out-of-doors. Upon coming of age, he was given the opportunity to join an order of rangers connected with the church who had eyes on moving back up north towards and into the Fellreev. He eagerly joined, and spent much time bringing the light north with them. For the past few years, Bannock has gone it mostly alone in the region, bringing the light of Pelor to dark places in the forest and living a subsistence living form outpost of civilization to outpost along the way.

Bannock is a good-sized, brown-bearded, burly man who, while looking much the outdoorsman, also seems to value his appearance, often trying to maintain a clean, bright appearance despite living off the land. He favors bright white and yellows in his dress, almost defying the natural world to darken his light. He travels with a large brown wolf named Cur who seems rather wild at first glance, but also often stands with a bearing that sometimes speaks more of civilization than his species would allow.