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a human paladin from the Kingdom of Keoland on a now lost expedition.


Spot on, Bevyn!

Bevyn was a young officer leading a group of about 50 men in a doomed military expedition from Keoland. The expedition was to be an amphibious landing Southeast of Stoneheim and establish a beachhead from which reinforcements could strike inland toward Stoneheim. Unfortunately, the strength of the opposition was vastly underrated and the Keoish forces were overwhelmed within days of landing.

All of Bevyn's men perished. Most, if not all, of the remaining Keoish forces were killed outright or captured. Bevyn and a handful of survivors decided to try and set out overland to the east, knowing that there was some sort of new adventurers encampment. During the journey, all of Bevyn's fellow survivors fell in various skirmishes.

After two days of solitary wandering, Bevyn saw an elf and a gnome dragging a litter in the distance.


  • Not associated with any organizations.


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