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The ruined capital of Elfdom. A site in Varisia, used in the Second Darkness Campaign.


Map Key

  1. The Path of Fallen Shadows
  2. The Library of Reenai
  3. Verithes Park
  4. The Festering Crater
  5. Temple of Watchers
  6. The Pavilion of Reason
  7. Yuelral’s Rain
  8. The Coliseum of Mask and Lyre
  9. The Academy of the Arts
  10. Vista of Visions
  11. The Crystal Conservatory
  12. The Fluted Goblet
  13. The Garden of Eternal Ease
  14. The Constellar Gallery
  15. Ruined Tower
  16. Raivanyiel Smithy
  17. Emerald Bough
  18. Miliaru Park