Crying Leaf

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  • Population: 780
  • Type: isolated (elf 98%, half-elf 2%)
  • Region: Mierani Forest
  • Country: Varisia

Crying Leaf's layout defys simple human logic, as it is built in accordance with the whims of nature and the alien preferences of a race that never sleeps. There are no bedrooms (heck, there are no beds) -- justreed mats that are rolled out whenever a elf needs to meditate and refocus. In addition it is a military camp, so there are no civilian shops; rather there is an armory, alchemy depot, healing station, fletcher and other militaristic locations. Many of these buildings show signs of combat damage.

Crying Leaf, from without and within, is a community on the edge of conflict. Just 1 day to the west lie the ruins of Celwynvian, the site of a near constant skirmish with the drow.

Although the drow have long known of Crying Leaf’s location, the distance from the drow holdings in Celwynvian has traditionally kept the village safe, but recent attacks on Crying Leaf in the form of conjured demons and swift- moving drow skirmishers have brought the war uncomfortably close to home, as evidenced by the tense nature of Crying Leaf’s inhabitants and the aforementioned damage to some of the buildings.

This community has little contact with the outside world. While the occasional merchant caravan travels to Riddleport for supplies, the community is primarily provisioned and reinforced directly from Kyonin, the elven nation far to the east, through the use of teleport and similar magic. While many of the elves are interested in the arrival of outlanders since they have seen so few of them in the past couple of years, others are skeptical, believing that they are not needed to solve what is seen as an “elven problem.”


  • Authdur, self-absorbed wizard and potion master. He knows much about underworld fungi, molds, and other growths.
  • Eviana, the leader of Crying Leaf.
  • Kaerishiel Neirenar, leader of local chapter of the Shin’Rakorath (Kwava's adventuring guild)
  • Nesradeth, gruff elven ranger