Darogan Ferventfire

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Sir Darogan Ferventfire, Knight of the Book.


Darogan grew up among a scholarly family in the port city of Oldred on the southern coast of the Kingdom of Nyrond. He was sent to the Royal University in the capitol at Rel Mord, as was the family tradition. It was there that he began attending the University Temple of the god Delleb. Although Darogan excelled at scholarly pursuits, he took an even greater interest in the Holy Order dedicated to serving the church of Delleb, the Knights of the Book. He began martial training with visiting knights between his studies, and eventually decided to take the vows of the Order, devoting himself to the faith. He spent his first years as a newly sworn paladin serving as escort to the renowned sage Gremorly, whose specific area of expertise was lore on the so-called "Fading Lands", small demiplanes that intersect areas of the Flanaess. Gremorly discovered some important leads on researching these Fading Lands, and so Darogan began adventuring with him in pursuit of that research. While investigating sites in the eastern Pomarj (particularly those linked to the legendary Fading Lands of Necros), the invasion of the humanoids happened, and the Pomarj fell. Gremorly and Darogan were forced to seek refuge in the unsavory city of Blue while orcs, goblins, and worse ransacked their way across the countryside. Unfortunately for them, the powers of Blue negotiated with the humanoid invaders, and the evil creatures soon had full run of the city. It wasn't long before a sage and his paladin escort were noticed as out of place among the pirates, mercenaries, and other unsavory folk of the city, and it was then that the unscrupulous wizards of the Circle of Blue acted. They seized all of Gremorly's research, and forced him into their servitude in exchange for allowing Darogan to leave the city. Darogan was astounded at his mentor's sacrifice on his behalf, and has sworn to both free Gremorly and recover their lost research.



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