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Once this area was called the Poor March until the name was slurred together. The Pomarj, as it is known today, is a large peninsula located in the Flanaess. It was well known to be overrun by humanoid tribes, until the Griffins Guild founded Obsidian Bay. Now the forces of Obsidian Bay fight off the advances of the Orcish Empire.

The Pomarj lies between 26 and 30 degrees latitude.

Brief History

Countries and Regions

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Original Twelve Baronies

As the history of the Pomarj tells us, the original Flan tribesmen of the area were joined shortly after the Great Migrations began ~1000 years ago by outcast Suel. The Pomarj was then invaded by Keoland in CY 295, and divided up into twelve baronies under favored families of the Keoish crown (who would have been Suel and Oeridians), and subordinate to the dwarven Prince of Ulek for the sole purpose of exploiting the mineral wealth there. In 461 Ulek declared independence from Keoland, and shortly thereafter in 463 the Pomarj baronies declared independence from Ulek. Celene revealed itself after long centuries of secrecy in 465 (the same year Tanevir was born), and the Hateful Wars began in 498 and lasted until 510. The remnant humanoids of the Lortmils descended on the Pomarj in 513, and to counter this the Griffins Guild invaded the same year.

So, where were the seats of power for these original twelve baronies? Some are attested, but we propose the following complete list:

  1. Elredd (technically on the Wild Coast)
  2. Highport (the one-time "capital" of the Pomarj)
  3. Fenrill/Lost Fenrill
  4. Blue
  5. Storm Tower- recluvsive family of outcast Suel wizards, lowest in population
  6. Ostrand Keep
  7. Stoneheim
  8. Suderham*, seat of the later so-called "King of the Drachensgrabs"
  9. Strandkeep Castle
  10. ???, suggest an unnamed settlement NW of Blue in the vicinity of the Bluebottle Hobgoblin heraldry
  11. Ogard on the Ulek border/Jewel River
  12. Grindin on the Ulek border/Jewel River


Pomarj Cartography

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Natural Features

  • The higher part of the Obsidian Highlands to the west of the bay on the small peninsula: Obsidian Ridge
  • The river flowing down from the Obsidian Highlands to Obsidian Bay: The Obsidian River
  • The three lakes, from West to East: Hourglass Lake and Obsidian Lake on the Obsidian River, and Skull Lake just south of Obsidian Lake, which besides being skull-shaped (upside-down), is also poisonous
  • The river that crosses the Great Southern Plain: The Ocre Flow (hence the name of the nearby kobold tribe)
  • The river with multiple lakes flowing to Blue: The Blue River (where the obsidian-dominated geology near OB gives way to the blue quartz-dominated geology of the eastern Pomarj)
  • The narrow and dangerously rocky straight with strong tidal surges which is the entrance to Kraken Bay: The Kraken's Maw
  • The narrower bay just northwest of Obsidian Bay: The Black Bight


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