Evadra Ciala

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The planetorn Eladrin warlock with a fey pact.


Evadra was orphaned as an infant when her parents were killed during the course of a pilgrimage. As a result, she was raised by a childless couple in nearby human community.

One beautiful spring day while performing some chores as a young girl, she wandered a bit deeper into the forest than her foster parents would have approved of, chasing butterflies and picking flowers. Evadra panicked and soon became lost. A desperate search was mounted by the local villagers, but no trace of the young Eladrin girl was ever found.

Seven years later, a beautiful young elven woman appeared at the doorstep of Evandra's foster parents. As the strange woman-child, clad in weird flowing garb, spoke the word, "Mother?", her mother knew her Evandra had returned to her.

Evandra claimed to have stumbled into a weird, twilit faerie ring in the wood, whereupon she was startled by the beautiful and terrifying, ageless being known as the Azure Lady. This Queen of Twilight asked Evandra her name, and hearing it proclaimed that Evandra was nearly late for the fete, holding her hand out to the child. Stunned to silence by equal measures of fear and captivation, Evandra took the hand of the Azure Lady and followed her into the Feywild.

After her return, Evandra tried to fit in and acclimate to the pace and customs of her childhood village, but found her neighbors' lives mundane and dreary. Moreover, the townsfolk seemed unsettled by her strange manner and the weird magicks that she had learned to weave amongst the fey folk. Soon thereafter, she said a tearful farewell to her foster parents and set off to search for an Eladrin enclave to live amongst her blood kin and learn their ways.

After several years amongst the gray elves, content and settled, Evadra again found herself wandering the forest, this time on a frigid, moonlit winter evening. The very air seemed crisp and brittle as glass, and the only sound in the world was her own footsteps on the forest floor. Starting and whirling around, Evadra found herself again standing in the faerie ring, the bright spirits dancing just beyond the periphery of her vision, and she sensed their laughter even though it was always just out of earshot.

Then the Azure Lady stood before her, resplendent in the moonlight, and clasping her hands whispered that it was time for Avandra to set out on her journey, that there was much to be done, and that if she could not reverse its fate, the mortal world would soon to cease to exist. And then Evandra was alone again, standing in the wood on the edge of her elven village, her quickened breath freezing in the air before her like cherished memories.


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