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Falgar is one of the original "Second Founders" of the Blackrazor Guild, and one of Obsidian Bay's most powerful wizards. A member in good standing of the Obsidian Tower, he is also a powerful artificer and crafter of magical items.

He has something of a mixed reputation in Obsidian Bay. On the one hand, he is known as a benevolent adventurer who helped found an orphanage in Obsidian Bay's Mudsitters' District and as one of the heroes whose helped save the city on numerous occasions. On the other, he single handily killed nearly 50 of his own men during the Battle of Blue when he lost control of a magical staff. There is a small, but vocal, segment of the citizenry in Obsidian Bay who hates him for this, but perhaps none more so than Kolborg Drammenmark.

Falgar is respected -- and somewhat feared -- by people on the street. They admire his power -- but would rather admire it from a safe distance.