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Fierth is an alternative material plane in which the Twin Cataclysms didn't just destroy the Baklunish and Suel empires, but ravaged most of the rest of Oerth as well. The planet has been transformed into a world desert dotted with city-states built around rare oasises. The cataclysm shattered the Fierth's larger moon, Luna, forming an irregular ring that now circles the planet.


  • Azra, City of Bronze: A fortified city state ruled by Sheik Zorgar, Lord of Azra, located in what would be the Grand Duchy of Geoff in Oerth.
  • Burning Tree of Azra: A great burning Joshua tree which towers three stories into the air, and serves as a portal between Fierth and the planes. It is located two days from the city.
  • Mount Infernus: A great volcano located in the nearby Crystalmist Mountain range.
  • Pillars of Glass: A series of portals to other planes, and thus a gathering place of the efreeti and other extra-planer traders.