Gavin Ratfoot

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A halfling rogue originally from Waterdeep.


Orphaned as an infant, Gavin was raised by followers of Ilmater in an over-crowded warren in Waterdeep. In his early adulthood, he found a surrogate family in the form of a gang - but his increasingly frequent objections to the immorality of crime led to his abandoning them.

Homeless and without any real connections to Waterdeep, Gavin turned to adventuring. While childhood tales of a subterranian wizards' treasure held fascination for him, his ears were deaf to the dire warnings that accompanied those tales. Without a copper to his name, nowhere to sleep that night, and his stomach rumbling - Gavin descended to Undermountain.

Gavin quickly found himself deeper than he'd imagined possible on his first trip. While walking a seemingly vacant stretch of hallway, three things happened almost simultaneously: There was an audible click, a blinding flash of light, and Gavin found himself ... somewhere else.


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