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Planetorn cleric of Erathis and Melora.


Laertes is a regal looking half-elf, with a commanding bearing and personality. He is tall and lean, with long brown hair pulled into a ponytail and a pointed brown beard, similarly bound. He has pale skin, green eyes, and the pointed ears that denote his elven heritage. He is attractive and self-assured, without being haughty or self-absorbed, and easily draws others to him.

Laertes hails from the Prime Material Plane of Oerth-C, where he is a member of the Keepers of the Wild City, clerics who protect and defend the cities in which their churches are built. Their religion combines the worship of Erathis and Melora, referring to the goddesses as the Sisters of Life. They believe in balancing the expansion of Erathis' civilization with the protection of Melora's wilderness. They feel that true goodness grows out of an ordered and considered approach to the world and people's place in it. Ultimately balance serves to bring out the best in both the wild and industrious, and true harmony is achieved.

Laertes powers make themselves visible through displays of greenish radiance, illustrating his connections to Melora's natural world. These effects, when they take more substance, often appear representative of constructed elements, like brickwork, reflecting his ordered thought and reverence of the ingenuity of Erathis's industry. (Think Green Lantern John Stewart's architectural energy creations.)

Laertes is often called upon to lead patrols in his city, and its wild environs, to ensure the safety of inhabitants in and out of the city. On one such patrol, he encounters some cosmic forces beyond his ken, and was transported he knows not where. Disoriented at first, and unable to find his way back to his city (and world even), he has vowed to learn about where he is, what's going on, and how he can bring the balance of the Sisters of Life to this strange new place. For, with all the chaos threatening this place, that balance will be essential to restoring both order and harmony, and possibly to returning home.



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