Obsidian Frontier Timeline

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CY -422 Rain of Colorless Fire and the Invoked Devastation

CY 400 Perrenland formally proclaimed independent of Furyondy, March of Bissel created around Thornward to limit the power of the Knights of the Watch

CY 415 Commander Berlikyn of Gran March arrives as new commander of northern Keoish provinces

CY 434 Rise of the Sea Princes, seceding from Keoland

CY 437 Onnwal and Prelacy of Almor gain independence from the Great Kingdom, Turmoil Between Crowns begins

CY 446 Velunese College of Bishops vote to separate from Furyondy, founding current Archclericy of Veluna, Lord Mayor of Irongate imprisoned, given a mock trial, and executed by the Herzog of South Province for Overking's amusement

CY 447 Idee, Irongate, and Onnwal declare independence from the Great Kingdom, they unite to form the Iron League to oppose their former Overking, Ivid from the House of Naelax

CY 448 Lordship of the Isles joins Iron League

CY 450 See of Medegia taken from Church of Zilchus by Ivid I and given to the Church of Hextor, Theocracy of the Pale given independence by Kingdom of Nyrond, Great Council of Rel Mord

CY 455 County of Sunndi becomes independent of Great Kingdom and joins Iron League

CY 460 Yeomanry withdraws from Keoland

CY 461 Principality of Ulek and other Ulek states withdraw from Keoland to gain palatinate status

CY 463 Pomarj secedes from Ulek

CY 464 Battle of Jetsom Island, Sea Prince sunk, peace negotiated with Geoff and given Grand Duchy status

CY 477 Bissel granted palatinate status by Furyondy

CY 481 Iggwilv conquers Perrenland

CY 491 Wild Coast town of Elredd founded as Fort Alrad by the Wolf Nomad Uroch, leader of a mercenary company, Iggwilv overthrown in Perrenland

CY 498 Beginning of Hateful Wars where the elves of Celene aided by elves, dwarves, and men of the Ulek states drive humanoids from the Lortmil Mountains, Ivid III crowned as Overking of Great Kingdom, he exterminates his family and imprisons his children in the Imperial Palace, County of Urnst becomes separate palatinate from the Duchy, Directing Oligarchy of Greyhawk assume political power, abolish title of Landgraf, declare Greyhawk a Free City

CY 510 End of Hateful Wars

CY 513 Humanoids driven from Lortmils invade Pomarj from Suss Forest, Horned Society founded

CY 514 Griffins Guild lands on Pomarj, dwarven sage Jemrek Longsight surveys path of meteor that fell in CY 198

CY 515 Beginning of Obsidian Frontier campaign

CY 516 Charter of Obsidian Bay signed Coldeven 27