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Free-Coin District

Overlord Cromarcky's three grand game halls are located in this part of the city along the northwestern shore of the Velahsu River.

Leeward District

The city's largest district, Leeward is built into the protecting curve of the city's eastern ridge, where it is sheltered from the worst of the winter winds. The majority of the city's population resides in the tall tenements of this district, and most buildings have a shop at street level where standard goods and services can be obtained.


Known derisively as Lubbertown for the fact that most of its inhabitants arrive at the city by land rather than by sea, this district is not patrolled by the gendarmes and has developed its own social order, informal system of laws, and distribution of goods and employment.

River District

This section of town runs along the banks of the Velashu River and consists primarily of the shops and mills. Riddleport's atrophied trade items are crafted in this district. The waste produced by the district's tanners and fishmongers and the fact that many of the city's sewage gutters converge here have earned the place the unofficial name of "Reek District".

  • Publican House: The city's Temple of Cayden Cailean.
  • Drunken Parrot Tavern: A dive bar in the River Quarter frequented by the members of Clegg's gang
  • The Bargain Bin (p. 27, KQ #19): Daniyah the Thrifty continues to have all manner of goods for sail. It’s located in the River District.

Rotgut District

The slums of Riddleport are a truly depressing and dangerous place to be. Easily the poorest section in the city proper, Rotgut also hosts the highest crime rate and the most brothels and alehouses per capital. It lies against the city's eastern side against the ridge.

The Boneyard

This deceptively named place actually serves as the city's dump and ship's graveyard. Its name is derived from the many old hulks and collections of ships ribs that protrude from the swampy ground. The whole area is partially flooded salt marsh that is generally 2-3 feet deep, although some hidden patches of quicksand are much deeper. Monstrouce cockroaches, swamp barracuda and (it is whispered) were rats infest this area.

  • The Bone Crawl: An abandoned sewer system that opens up into the city's maze of underground tunnels.

The Devil's Fork

Riddleport's military district.

Wharf District

Windward District

  • Cypher Lodge: Headquarters of the Order of Cyphers, located not far from the western side of the Cyphergate.
  • Melysium’s Marvelous Magicks (p. 28, KQ #19): A fine, upscale magic shop located in the Windward District.