Rinnadar Tinugelydh

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Also known as Rîn in common; High Elf, Fighter; Eldritch Knight, Warrior of Celene.


Rîn is fairly large for an elf. In fact, while wearing his cloak he is often confused for a human adventurer. He still bears his childhood name, which is dedicated to his father who died shortly after he was born. When he became of age he decided to keep it, to honor his father.

Born into a family of scholars, Rîn was destined to become one himself. For the first few decades of his life he went down that route, to the point that he was studding as a Wizard's apprentice. However, that all changed when Prince Consort Triserron was killed.

As Celene prepared for war Rîn's role also changed. Noting his physical prowess perhaps destined him for another life, Rîn's mentor suggested he join a detachment of wizard's bodyguards. His skill with melee weapons, and great weapons in particular, quickly made him stand out among his fellow guards. It wasn't long before he made his way to the front-lines of the conflict now known as the Hateful Wars.

Rîn never forgot his magical background, and during the wars he honed these skills. He mixed magic with melee combat to great effect. Eventually he was even recognized by some of the Eldritch Knights of the kingdom. Though he shifted his skill set, he never left his sage background. He still studies books and tomes in his downtime, though these days it's a balance of strategies and tactics along with the arcane studies. He is always striving to better himself through learning.

After the war he spent some time studding with these knights. That was until he was called to service again. This time by one of his commanders from the Hateful Wars: Súlimëtasar. Seems he, along with the rest of the Griffins Guild, had founded a new settlement. This settlement was successful, however the wild lands around the settlement needed taming.

And thus, Rîn headed to Obsidian Bay to seek out adventure.

Elven Magic

Rîn was fortunate enough to serve under Prince Brightflame for a short period during the Hateful Wars. The prince taught him a new spell he was developing: a magical arrow of acid.

Dwarven Gift

During the Hateful Wars Rîn saved the life of a Dwarven noble. In return he was presented with one of their ancestral weapons:

  • Arauilith ("Gigantic Deal" in dwarven).
  • +1 Dwarven Maul
  • Dwarven made from stone, though it is as hard as steal
  • Has the seal of the dwarven clan built into the stone
  • It's also unexpectedly loud when it strikes


  • Not associated with any organizations.


  • No statblock available.