Seltaren Campaign Episode 2: No Trespassing

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What Has Come Before

The Blackrazor House of Seltaren is hosting an open tryout for new members. A number of hopefuls show up and are excepted into the group.

The Saga

Brewfest 2, CY 592

Ka'ena wakes ready for the Blackrazor tryouts. This might finally be her chance to belong to a group. She walks across town like she has a few times, and arrives at the Arena of the Brawler. Oddly she doesn't see anything to indicate the tryouts are today. She sees a few people training in the open air arena, so she approaches them.

Leader asks if she's here for training. She agrees but doesn't have the 100 gp needed. Challenges her to a feat of strength. She tries a trick of going topless, but it doesn't phase the stalwart warrior. He quickly flips her over and knocks her unconscious. When she awakes she sobs about how she doesn't know what to do. Finally spills enough to let the warrior know she was looking for the Blackrazor tryouts. He indicates maybe there's still time if she goes to the house.

At the Blackrazor House, Gilbert is giving the new recruits their first mission. They are to clear out a house of squatters for a client. As he continues on, a knock is at the door. Ka'ena is at the door. Gilbert is ready to brush her off, particularly when she doesn't have enough money. However a promise of cleaning up this place, along with a well timed whisper changes his mind.

Party sets off towards the Ennos Estate. First run into Vashar's men. Are able to pass by men without any issue.

At house they scout the surrounding area. Decide Bardal and Ka'ena will go to the front door while the others go in back. Defeat the first wave of squatters, who are joined by a second wave of two men with blue painted hands and a pair of giant rats. Defeat them, and decide to rest. While they do Thalimus does a search of the house. He finds a few trinkets, and some pocket change. Also a false door to a hidden room. They search that and find a trap door. In the basement they find a secret wizard lab. Are attacked by a magical undead hand, and a suit of armor. Though the armor proves difficult, they are able to defeat it.

The party gathers everything worth something, and returns it to the guild looking forward to a fairly large share of the bounty...


Each player gets 193 experience points for this adventure.


  • Journal of Klebor Ennos
  • A glass orb inside of which a small serpent with wings can be seen.
  • 2 red colored liquids in a small potion bottle
  • 2 Spell scrolls:
    • Phantasmal Force
    • Tasha’s Hideous Laughter
  • A simple white wand with a wooden bulbous end
  • 2 gold bracelets
  • Small mirror set in a painted wooden frame
  • Silver ewer
  • chain shirt
  • shield
  • spear
  • 2 scimitars
  • Empty bottle of wine marked "93"
  • I fine suit of Full Plate

Pocketed by Thalimus while the party rested

  • Blank book
  • Ornate brooch of dwarven design
  • Old Key
  • 6 copper