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Thrax, Serpent of Storms seems like a brutish warrior, but is in fact a kind hearted wizard.


A quick glimpse of Thrax is always deceiving. His size and equipment seems to suggest he's a brutish fighter, and thats the way he likes it. Yet those that know him would call him a kindhearted wizard.

Thrax comes from a world dominated by Dragons and their kin, where various dragonborn clutches vie for favors from the true dragons. A honorable world riddled by constant combat taught Thrax to be tough. So even at an early age when he found he had an affinity for magic, he would continue to dress as the rest of his clutchmates. Of course, with his blue dragon heritage, it is not surprising that his preference turned to lightning and other weather related spells.

Recently, a magical storm began to ravage Thrax's world. For the first time in centuries the dragons rallied together to try and stave off the destruction. Wizards from all the great clutches put aside their differences, and made a grand attempt to repel the storm. Each time they failed more of their world was lost. Eventually a few of the wizards, Thrax's clan included, would come up with a new theory. If the storm's magical energies could be harnessed, perhaps it could be used to repel itself. It was during one of these experiments where they tapped into the storm for a brief instant. Unfortunately they were not able to harness it, and the magics ripped Thrax from his own plane. Now, Thrax travels seeking further knowledge of storm so that one day he will be able to harness it and save his world... if it survived.


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