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Ulaa is the goddess of Hills, Mountains, and Gemstones. Her holy symbol is a mountain with a ruby heart; she places rubies in the earth as gifts to miners, who do the work of her husband, Blerredd.

Description Ulaa is depicted as a dwarven woman with gnomish facial features. She wields a mighty hammer called Skullringer.

Worshippers Ulaa is worshipped by humans, dwarves, gnomes, and other benevolent races who dwell in hills and mountains. She is well-known in the Ulek States, especially in the Principality of Ulek. Non-humans who worship Ulaa often integrate her into their own pantheons.

Temples and Rituals Worship sevices to Ulaa include rhythmic hammering on stone, chanted hymns, and displays of gemstones and minerals.


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