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Campaign Members

  • Nuketown: Nuketown is campaign member Ken Newquist's speculative fiction blog/webzine.

Wiki Editing Links


  • Nuke(m)Con: Our in-house gaming convention for the years we can't attend any of the others. Or when we have a gaming event so big we need a whole weekend.
  • GenCon: The home page for the world's greatest gaming convention.
  • Mid-Eastern Pennsylvania Gaming Convention: Our local gaming convention, held in the spring and fall of each year. Several Blackrazors either help out with this con or attend it.

Delta Green

  • Byakhee: A character generation program for Call of Cthulhu that can handle a variety of eras, including Delta Green's.
  • Delta Green: A campaign setting for Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu that throws investigators into a present day nightmare of conspiracy and horror.
  • Delta Green: Downloads: Lots of downloads for Delta Green, including character sheets, desktop images, and more.
  • Delta Green: Toolkit: A list of equipment that no Delta Green character should be without.
  • PGP: Pretty Good Privacy: The home page for downloading the free version of the encryption protocol PGP for private users.
  • The Great Library of Celaeno: Not exactly Delta Green, but this modules archive on Chaosium's Web site features a bunch of CoC adventures set in the modern day, and easily adaptable to DG.

Role-Playing Game

  • Crystal Ball: A computerized D&D 3E tool for the Mac. Includes a character generator, combat manager, name generator, dice roller, XP calculator, and treasure generator. Runs under OS 9 and X. A Windows port is planned, but not yet available.
  • D&D: Encounter Level Calculator: An encounter level for D&D 3E. Very useful for DMs who want to come up with an EL very quickly.
  • Gaming Report: Daily news updates on every aspect of gaming, including RPGs, card games, collectible games, and strategy games. Definitely worth checking out.
  • Knights of the Dinner Table Online: The Kenzer & Co. Web site features thrice-weekly, totally-new Knights of the Dinner Table comic strips.
  • The DragonDex: An up-to-date index of Dragon Magazine. Includes article list by spells, characters, monsters, magic items and more.
  • Uncle Bear: A web site dedicated to promoting, reviewing, and discussing role-playing games.

WizKids Clix

  • HC Realms: An online community dedicated to HeroClix.
  • HeroClix Army Builder: Home to an excellent, fan-created inventory and army building program for HeroClix, MageKnight and Mechwarrior.

World of Greyhawk

  • Bastard Greyhawk: A good site for maps, and other GH goodies
  • Canonfire: The web site for the legendary Greytalk listserv. Lots and lots of Greyhawk content, much of it posted by regular contributors to Greytalk.
  • Gord's Greyhawk: A guide to the World of Greyhawk, as seen through the eyes of Gord, Gary Gygax's alter-ego in the lands of the Flanaess.
  • GreyChrondex: A truly mammoth chronology of Greyhawk's printed history, originally compiled for use by Team Greyhawk during the 1997-1999 resurgance of the official setting (prior to its 3E bastardization). It's an excellent resource, but its a huge download.
  • Greyhawk Matters: Home of the excellent Black Hart campaign and the Sheldomar Sourcebook Project
  • Greyhawk Online Adventures: A good Greyhawk research site that includes a list of 'Hawk related modules, a listing of related articles from Dragon Magazine, and the a 2E-fix of Return to the Keep on the Borderlands.
  • Legends of Greyhawk: Find new spells, feats, skills, prestige classes and more at this 3E Greyhawk site based on the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer.
  • Living Greyhawk: The site for the world's largest Greyhawk campaign, the RPGA's Living Greyhawk game. The campaign is played out at conventions around the country, with each state or region representing a different country in the Flanaess.
  • Sean Reynold's Greyhawk Gods: Sean Reynold's listing of Greyhawk gods, including an expanded domain list incorporating additions from the Forgotten Realms 3E source book.